I miss Rasta_Man

Discussion in 'General' started by Radar, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Yes. It is true. I miss Rasta_Man. And I am sure all of you do too.

    That is why we should all show our love for this valued and important member of the City.

    This is the Rasta_Man Appreciation Thread. And all you need to do to show him your love is to post in this thread. It could be anything. You can say anything. Just post something.

    This way, when R_M returns from his travels, he will have a nice little welcome back thread.

    Here\'s to you, Rasta_Man!!
  2. Out of all the forums I\'ve posted in hes one of the top respected people in my books. Brilliant man.
  3. ya, he was a good character to have on here

    tries hard to hand out wisdom, always a bit testy, but all in all when he made a post i couldnt pass up checking it out.
  4. Haha, my best moments in the stoner chat included Rasta_Man and Heinous Anus... Ah Amusing times. So wehen does he return?
  5. where the hell\'s my appreciation thread? :p
  6. lol^^^ i hope you bring back alot of good picks RM!
  7. Rasta Man is the grasscity member that I respect the MOST.
  8. I miss him too... We don\'t alway see eye to eye, but he\'s a good dude, and I give him mad props. Hope you\'re enjoying your travels man.
  9. who doesnt love an arrogant canuck?
  10. hey sry im a new guy on here i only been on a couple weeks could someone tell me who he is ?
  11. lol at the arrogant canuck post
    he\'s just another person on this planet.......with a whole lot of posts.
    top of the mornin\' to ya Rasta.
  12. ^^^^^ yes he may be a good guy here but who knows he could be some 45 year old guy living in his moms basement dressed in womens clothing.

    and thats just fine as long as he smokes bud like us
  13. Backpacking in Canada, I believe. ;)

    Come back, Rasta!!!!
  14. If Im not mistaken, backpacking across the eastern coast of Canada. I think...

    But yeah, a quality fellow he is. Knows his shit and tries to make everyone rethink everything a couple hundred times. And if you think you\'re smart, just start a thread in general and observe as he shits on your parade:D
  15. Rasta is the reason I became a member of the city, we see eye to eye on a lot of things, the first thing I did when I became a member was PM the Ras and start up a convo.. great guy with awesome posts, and supreme intelligents. This vape load is for you Ras...


  16. Aww, how cool would that be? I\'m sooo envious right about now.

    Hope the sun was on ya back rasta man, look forward to hearing from ya again
  17. Rasta Mans a good guy. Im pretty sure he\'s the only person to neg rep me, an we disagree on a lot of things, but he\'s always ready for an informed debate. Have fun backpacking man.
  18. Not me.

  19. Nope.

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