i miss playing runescape stoned, the game just sucks now

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by KryptoniteKing, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. I quit in 2010 but have been checkin up on updates every so often. Consituition sucks. Jagex is selling experience points. It makes me so sad cause i really enjoyed that game in 08 sure here wasnt the old wild but it was the prime period overall
  2. Bots, bots, bots. I don't understand the big hype in any free mmorpg game anymore if you can beat everybody by just downloading a program some one else made. I quit maplestory and runescape because of this.
    Also you spend hours just to get a skill up? sounds like fun bro, I remember spending days just leveling up when I could of been doing something like idk.... fun?
  3. I just go on runescape to find other stoners to talk to. Just talk to people or whatever lol.
  4. There's forums for that, you're on one right now;)
  5. Oh yeah lol. There's cool people EVERYWHERE! :cool:
  6. A forum doesn't give you the ability to set a goal, succeed, and exceed it - unless you're trying to grow your e-peen :smoke:

    I played throughout high school.. quit soon after they originally removed the wildy. That was what I spent all my time working towards.. it was always to be the bets, richest PKer, after I had shown that I had some bombass skills to be self-sufficient as well :smoke:
  7. I meant in response to kevster for saying he just uses it to talk to people.
  8. Give me all your money I need it thank you my name is ily fruitcup
  9. Ya i boned out after the Wild got Nerfed

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