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I miss my weed.....gods, I cant do this...confused..please help. I need advice!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nella, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Okay, recently, I was skipping a lot of school, and about three weeks back, I skipped close to 2 weeks straight. Oh, I forgot to mention the entire 2 weeks I was high off my ass and sneaking out, sleeping over different friends houses, drinking, getting drunk, cutting myself, etc. etc. etc. All the good stuff that goes along with being really fucking depressed. Basically I was letting my life go down the fucking toilet. I was seriously considering dropping out of school, and just getting my GED and a job, but something was holding me back. I guess my conscience.
    So, my mom already knew about the drugs, alcohol and self mutilation, but she didnt know what was causing it, so we sat down and had a long chat this weekend. I decided I was going to get my life back together and get back on track by going to school, quitting drugs and alcohol, and to get help for my self mutilation.
    Now, Ive been sober and clean for 10 days and I havent cut since last month. Coming back here and reading Mary's (TheHempress) post about what and Nic (DarkMatter36) did a few days ago, it makes me sad. I really miss hanging out with them. Nic's girlfriend basically told me that if I ever smoked up with him again, she'd kill me. And we arent really good friends now anymore, like we used to thanks to weed. I just didnt know how hard it would be to quit pot and I really really want to again. I just liked hanging out and smoking up with Mary and Nic. Theyre so much fun to toke with, or even do a DXM trip. But I have a feeling I can never do that again, but I want to. I really dont know what to do, and I need some good advice. Please Help. Is there anyway to smoke up with your friends and not have the other group of friends not know AND go to school AND maintain your grades?! If so, PLEASE!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME!!!! Thanks. ~Paige
  2. well maintaining grades and school while smoking pot is easy, just don't smoke until you are done with your work. as far as keeping friends in the dark, only you know if you can pull it off or how easy it will be. my thoughts are if you maintain the grades and stay in school the friends will not suspect that you continued to smoke, you just have to break out of the blowing off school pattern.
  3. well.. if its hurts too much... dont quit smoking the herb.... just keep ontop of it.

    find out which subjects u can study wile stoned without any loss of performance. (sounds strange but they do exist)

    go see your freinds, toke up with them... just dont be taking anythig else... the herb, if used sensibly, will help you.

    try meditation.
    I found that it helped far better than any councilor or shrik could.

    probably not the best advice in the world, but it worked for me when i was in a similar depressed hole.

    alot of the 'olds' never understood that it was the excessive binges that were a result of my depression they all seemed to think that my depression was a result of my drug binges.

    Alcohol is a depressant.
    giving up alcohol is the most important one. You'd be really suprised how much better you feel once you havn't touched a drop for months. it gives you your quality of life back.
  4. well..... um I think that you should just smoke the bud, and stop cutting your self and skipping school... cus even though we all know school sucks ass, it will help us in the long run...
    but um.... ya, u should just wait to smoke until all your more important priorities are done first.....DO NOT LET WEED TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE! good luck!
  5. Listen, if some so called "friends" wont like you because you smoke weed then they arent your friends. Ditch them and tell them to stick their head up their asses because what you do in life is up to you and you only. Nothing in life holds anyone back from doing what they wanna do in life.

    You make it sound like getting your G.E.D. is a bad idea and big deal or something. Many people drop out of school and go this route, I did myself, and its nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone knows how much school can suck, and its not for everyone, not everyone can sit in a boring ass hot classroom and learn while groups of immature kids surround them.

    If you want to drop out, get your g.e.d. find a job and just cut back on the weed, you dont have to quit, smoke it when you have nothing responsible to do (work, studying, etc).

    As for the alcohol and "self-mutilation" your on your on with that kinda stuff, I wouldnt know where to begin since I dont see any reason for anyone to purposely cut themselves or shit like that.

    Like others have said, DON'T let pot take over your damn life. Its there whenever you could want it, you dont need to be stoned all of your life. Although you can be, if you learn to get shit done and not just sit around and be lazy when stoned.

    You seem like a nice person, dont ruin your life, even if im some random guy on a internet message board, take my advice, find out what you want to do with your life, ignore anything stopping you, and dammit, do it.
  6. I say that you get into an alternative program like I am, where you don't get homework- you get graded on attendance. Then you can smoke all you want!
  7. Paige, listen to what they said. I smoked weed all through high school and still managed to graduate. You just have to learn to be more responsible.

    If you are serious about weed, about making it a part of your life, then all of your friends should understand that. Talk to them, tell them the positive side of weed, all the good things it does for you. How happy it makes you, and how safe it really is.

    You should stop sneaking out of your house. Saying that might make me a hypocrite, but if you are constantly getting in trouble b/c of it, STOP IT! You can always hang out with me or Nic, or both of us in the evening after you're done with homework...I mean, you and I live in the same town! We can always go for walks in the woods near my house or something :D
  8. Thanks for all your great advice guys. I think I know what Im going to do now.
  9. i got some really good bullshit advice for you that i forgot about....


    i know it sounds like the type of crap you'd get from a daytime TV self help slot on some lame show, or something from a school councilor... but it does help. smiling whether forced or real, releases endorfins in your brain making you happier.

    better yet... go buy everysingle video of "who's line is it anyway?" Ryan Stylez and Colin Mochery will have you laffin so much you drop the razor!



    i said smile damnit! :)

    maybe the grasscity forum humour might help.

    Laughter is the best medicine.

    ...Unless you're a Diabetic... cos then Insulin would come pretty high on the list.
  10. LMAO!!!! yes, you guys do brighten my day sometimes. Especially with that last comment hun. Thanks alot. Oh, and it turns out I just made plans to get together with mary and possibly nic next friday, so things might be looking up soon! :D

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