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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by visko, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. i lived in us for some years and the weed overthere was great for most of the time,
    i came back to my homeland and i smoked some shit that sometimes makes me wonder is it weed at all.
    i grew pot two times in this place(Kosovo-ex yugoslavia)but i am still not satisfied.this year i am preparing to plant some and i really need some advice and if it turns out real nice you can all come and take a puff(whoever helps me that is)
    anyway i will tell you about the conditions of the weather are like in these parts of th world.we have long summers -march-oct and we have a lot of humidity,daytime lasts from five am.
    to eight pm(summers).i am planning to grow it outdoors.
    our city(Peja) is surrounded with mountains and i am thinking maybe overthere would be better.
    now i have two kinds of seeds,one from albania and one from kosova.
    i have divided them into groups ,black seeds and white seeds.
    i have not planted them yet because i am waiting for your advice.
    the also say that our soil is very good.please help me bring to life these beatiful generation of kosova weed.
  2. id reccommend ordering some good seeds off the internet. and the white seeds are crap, they wont grow

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