I might not make it to tommorrow

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    So tonight I've decided I'm going to party with the white kids on my dorm floor. I thought they were nerdy, but then this one kid pulled out a fake I.D. and has a bunch of girls lined up to come to the dorm room. And this asian kid will be there who is really shady but apparently is like a royal in his country (wtf). I have always been hearing crazy shit going on in that room, but I have never had the balls to go in there. Wish me luck guys, I'll try and update you all on what happened before i go to sleep if I am not too drunk. What words of advise would you all give me? I have heard many stories of what happens to young niggas at these parties from listening to dave chappelle. I want to still be alive and have my dignity tomorrow. im scared

  2. These the same guys that made the goat noises or the guys that messed with you on the elevator?

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  3. oh man. Keep us updated. Just dont pass out. And make sure u take a girl back with u for some good times :)
  4. yea dont pass out around white folks..just dont lol.
  5.  You WILL wake up with kfc chicken skin inside your pockets.
  6. This is gonna be you OP!
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    Just make sure to stroke the coochie of any girls you smooch on and make sure there is not a dick down there.
  8. Just don't feed them a snickers.......
  9. pics of shady asian king or gtfo
  10. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt
  11. Try to be the token black guy? 
  12. lol white people are weird. 
  13. I advise you listen to all the great advice!
  14. Just don't pass out with your shoes on.  You WILL be fucked with.
    Last time I did I was shot with an airsoft gun numerous times.
  15. Don't eat any cookies or candies or other funny looking substances....

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  16. Just remember, they're all more scared of you then you are of them

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  17. anything?x
  18. I'm not actually seeing any real issue here... Party like a bitch and enjoy yourself? Stop focusing on the races of the other party-goers and just be yourself? 
  19. Aye just get really fucked up.. bang some chick.. drink some more in bed by 1. I like to get my sleep.
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