I might move away from california.

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  1. I might move up to Redding,CA Oregon or washington I don't want to move but California is to expensive my parents said so they said when they save up. Were getting out of here I live in the bay Area right now its pretty sick out here I have lived out here my whole life besides when I moved to Nevada. And that was when I was 8... That was quite Awhile ago. And I haven't been out sidebof the state of Cali since I moved back haha so I'm kinda mad cause I'm going to have to find some brand new hooks.haha and I'm gonna have to meet some new friends which sucks.
  2. California is a pretty fucking expensive place to live.

    But it evens out for having great weed with great prices. :hello:
  3. The Bay Area seems pretty rad. If I wasn't hooked on NYC, that's probably where I'd be.
  4. Redding is pretty shitty, its a hot, dry hick town.
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    Yeah i know there are rednecks all over the place there lol.I also have family up in redding too.
  6. all my cousins live in norcal...its so amazing everytime i visit haha
  7. its very nice, but yes, its very expensive. i'd go to oregon, beautiful landscapes
  8. Cost of living>marijuana

    Especially if you have to pay your own bills
  9. You should move to north carolina, one of the cheapest states to live in :D
  10. I love California, there's no other state like it.
  11. move to another state with medical marijuana
  12. I laugh at the rent alone for a 1 bedroom apt 1500 bucks in the bay area is just insane I grew up in San Jose didnt move outta state till I was 18 *Currently live in Central Oregon* So glad I did or I woulda been homeless along time ago.
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    Are places alot cheaper in Oregon? Is the weed good?
  14. cant be worse den chicago sooooooooooooooooo expensive man

  15. That's pretty ridicules. We have 3 bedroom town houses for around 1500-1600 out here in SoCali.
  16. Had this argument a few days ago with my cosuin who is 25 and still lives at home I'm like dude move out here you could afford a place of ur own hes like "but I like it here" he lives in the bay area so I jumped on craigslist and searched SF Bay Area housing and the prices and what you get are even worse then when I left.

    I tried to show him that hes never gonna get out of his parents house working at subway and living there but he likes the lifestyle there even if he does live at home for another 20 years /shrug
  17. Good you're moving, we have too many people here as it is! Haha, jk. :p

    I actually moved here just over a month ago. I freaking love it here, the atmosphere, weather, beaches, girls are pretty fine, but the traffic makes me want to drive off a bridge.

    And I know what you're saying about everything being expensive. I moved out here with like 6,000$, and am down to about 3,500 in just a months time (paying rent, car payments, etc).

    I have a question, whats your living situation like? To save money on living, I checked out Craigslist, and I rent out a room in someones apt. I pay 600$/month, utilities included. It's really the BEST way to live out here. An apartment that costs $600/month where I came from (Cleveland, Ohio) costs about $1500/month here, it's literally outrageous.

    But I hope I wont have to move away because of money. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible. I might have to live paycheck to paycheck for a while, but honestly I love it so much here, that I'm willing to do it.

    Just wanted to offer this advice, if you already haven't thought of it.
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    I might not move for a little thank God.

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