I might have a kid on the way...

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  1. look, her boyfriend isnt the problem. if he steps up then cop a hammer. problem solved. but with the pregnancy get the test to see if its your child. its your fault for fucking her raw dog. now accept the responsibilities. and dont say "i cant afford". you better hop in the trap! its not the babys fault that you decided to fuck her.

    summary:take responsibilitie and be the best dad you can.
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    You made a mistake by not using a condom, and she probably did as well by going along with it - but she could have had an abortion.

    I'd stay the fuck away from her. If she comes around, or serves you with a summons, then do the DNA test. If it she is pregnant and it turns out that you're the sperm donor, remember that she should have gotten an abortion to get rid of the thing, or at least discussed it with you as soon as she knew that she was knocked up. I'd tell her straight away that she'll never see a single dollar of support from you, you have no desire to have anything to do with her or her child's life, and say it like you mean it. You don't want to have this on your neck for the next twenty years and beyond. Tell her to put it up for adoption, you didn't agree to be a parent and you're too young to start that anyway. If she still insists on holding you responsible, you can always leave the country and go where they can't get you. Good luck.

  3. lmfao leave the country? yo's hardbody. im guessing you know from personal experience? :D
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    Oh lord.

    You do realize just because you sleep with a chick unprotected, you aren't going to knock them up every time?

    It depends on a lot of stuff with her body, timing, etc. So just because you haven't gotten anyone preggers yet, doesn't mean anything.

    Also, pulling out isn't going to make STDs go away. If you are so willing to sleep around without protection with a girl you had no interest in and probably barely knew, then you deal with what happens.

    Wrap it up until you can be responsible. We have WAY too many humans on earth as is, don't need a factory of kids.

    The people calling you out on sleeping around without protection ARE the sensible ones. We aren't starting threads like this, now are we?

    You don't only get to hear "good" stuff. Sorry, forums don't work like that. If you don't want people bitching at you for doing stupid things, then don't put yourself on blast in the first place.
  5. Are you fucking serious?
  6. If that's your child man, then man up and take some fucking responsibility. Fuck, I got my ex pregnant at 16 and have been supporting my child for the last almost 2 years.

    It's a scary situation and I can only imagine how fast it gets your heart racing. But, regardless you're an adult and it's time to act like one. There is no love like the love for your child. Sure, your life might loose some fun, but it will be replaced a thousand-fold once you stare into the eyes of your child.

    I can honestly say having a child is what saved my life, really put shit into perspective for me real quick-like.
  7. As a woman, I'm just wondering why that chick isn't getting an abortion. High school? Oh goodness... That's so devastating (in our society!).

    If it is your kid, though, you should be more a man! People aren't telling you what you want to hear because you made a BIG mistake, and its something that people talk about all the time: wear a condom! Otherwise, this will happen - its nature taking its course, and we have ways to prevent this, but you chose to avoid that, you know?

    Your sperm, perhaps, just made a baby. Be responsible, go to a free clinic, talk to your parents.
  8. That's an admirable thing to read. :)
  9. it really depends:::

    1. if you dont want to deal with it, its obvious she hasnt contacted you yet so i would just leave it at that.

    2. if you do want to deal with it just get her number and talk to her and see what its like..... but you really dont want child support payments in ur life at the moment bud
  10. Has she said shit to you? If she hasn't said anything don't plant the idea that it's yours in her head.
  11. Wow sorry to hear about that buddy, I was 14 and after my first time I found out the chick was pregnant... Manned up to her parents and everything and started dealing to try to help out once the spawn came around... To be honest I was somewhat relived when I found out it died in the womb....
  12. Hahaha... Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about this forum.

    Exactly: If she hasn't come up to you yet, then don't freak out. Very odd, though!
  13. If you can call your child "spawn" and be happy that it DIED in her stomach, then you didn't "man up". Manning up would have been to not get her pregnant in the first place. Do you have any idea how horrible that is for a woman to experience? Even more so at a young age?

    I'm starting to dislike this section of the forum.

  14. That "spawn" is a living human being that has none the less of a right to live then you.
  15. I didn't know what to call him/her, and it was a mistake. Sorry?

    Ok I was pretty high when I said it so please don't tell me you are all pro life I never said I wanted it to happen
  16. You don't have to be pro life to have that view. I'm pro choice. Nobody who gives an inch of a shit about their baby would ever talk like that.

    Being "high" has nothing to do with you saying that and you know it.
  17. if you're dying to knowm then give her a call and figure it out. if you dont really care then wait for her to call you.

    sorry man thats all ive got for ya. ive had a few "scares" but i always wear da rubba.
  18. Damn bro.
  19. congrats on the kid bro, thats tight!
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    The thing in her womb was a fetus. Under the circumstances, if the girl was just fourteen like you were, and as long as she was OK, other than an abortion, what happened turned out for the best.

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