I might have a kid on the way...

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  1. Four or so months ago, I talked with a girl briefly, she wasn't a girl I could see myself with but she was cool to hang and smoke with. We had sex twice, both times were unprotected but I pulled out both times, shortly after we stopped talking, it was nothing more than casual. Anyway, not too long ago, I hear that she's pregnant, my heart dropped a little bit but its obvious that it could've been from another guy at another time. I ask around to see how pregnant she really is(we went to the same high school, so info isn't hard to come by) I hear from a mutual friend that she is due in early January. I do the math and its pretty much spot on. To my knowledge, she was not with any other guys around that time and I honestly think I'm the father of this child.
    She just recently got a new boyfriend, and I'm not sure what I should do, if anything? before you go judging me, put yourself in my shoes, I feel guilty of course but she has not made any attempt to contact me since we went our separate ways, all of this is suspicion on my part. I don't want to have a child with this girl I hardly even know but I also don't want my bastard child to growing up to have an awful life because I wasn't there. I've been stressing this for awhile and haven't told a soul until now, thoughts?
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    In all seriousness, I would attempt to contact her and explain my feelings about the situation. Should she have the same belief that it is your child, I think you should pay for a DNA test after the birth (or before, if that is possible?) so that you know where you stand. If it were me, and the DNA test confirmed it to be my child I would financially support her. In this situation you need to put yourself in her shoes, and in the unborn child's shoes. How would you want yourself to behave if you were them?

    Just my 2 cents, best of luck.
  3. bro, my honest opinion.. you should just go to her..not call her..not text her.. go to her (either meet her at your pad or hers or at a park or a dinner whatver) just gatta talk it out man, that's the best thing you can do now..then it'll be fuck yea awesome when u find out its not ur kid! :D
  4. Dude omfg im in the same shoes as you the very same situation and nobody understands the boyfriend is probably huge so u dont wanna talk to her lol
  5. First of all I don't understand how guys are raw dogging all these girls. 2nd of all pulling out is 100% failness because while you're having sex small traces of pre-cum goes out your penis for lubrication (surprisingly for raw-dogging..) so theres still a chance for that...

    But anyways, if she has a new BF, chances are she's letting him raw dog it, and either way, it would be HER business to call you. She has a new bf wtf, just call her as a friend and say "hey heard you are pregnant, congrats" and if she has any extra info to add in, she will. But don't go creating problems, cause the second that BF becomes a bad BF then she will throw the laundry on you :hello:.

    Ultra Thin condoms
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    The boyfriend holds our high schools heavy weight bench press record:hide:
    and idk if she has told him about me or no, I'm just pretty lost, I don't know if said chick would even be down to talk about it or meet up, we didn't end on the greatest of terms in all honesty

    I'm also in no position to support a child financially, I'm a broke ass college student, I doubt I could even afford a DNA test:confused:

    Ur soo right, no one gets it
  7. I've used a condom maybe three times my whole sexual career, which is maybe a 1/100 ratio, thanks for the biology lesson though:rolleyes:

    Everyone is giving me good feedback but i'm still kinda lost, not hearing what i'd like to hear, I guess I'm just trying to see if I'm going at this in the right way

  8. i think you need more then a biology lesson.

    maybe a hammer to the head that impounds a life long message of USE A CONDOM.

    the only person you should fuck unprotected is a girl YOU KNOW is on birth control. so your girlfriend or a fuck buddy.

    you cant just be fucking without a condom 99% then when shit like this pops off be like O KNOEZ WUTZ DO I DOEZ KNOWZ DOI DOI DOI DOI DOI BING BING BING BING.

    what do you want to hear? that you are doing right by not contacting her? well its not letting your mind rest, so yo should go take care of that asap.. to not worry anymore.

    and if u didnt get this bitch pregnant, means she was fucking next dudes without condoms around the same time she was fucking you.
    do you even care about sexually transmitted diseases?

    do you know how disgusting, uncomfortable, devestating they are?
    its not just 1 or 2 or 3 of them. THERES A SHIT LOAD *****.

    and you obv dont care.

    you are what we call a 'waste manz'. protect yo dick n1gguh
  9. You can try to make me look like the asshole here all you want, I just want to talk to some other sensible people about my serious situation, I don't need to hear from people like you^
  10. Uh I saw say deal with the consequences.
    If it's yours, oh well, if not...oh well. But you need to figure it out
    sooner rather than later or it will just drive you mad.

    Ha I'll hope you're not the father...or else so much for being a
    college student. Just because you go to school and you're broke
    doesn't mean she can't come after your $.

    Big mistake buddy.

    I don't really feel sorry for you though...that's what you get for not
    using a rubber...just sayin.
  11. Call the Maury show.

  12. seconded hopefully you'll be doing this

  13. Dude hes obviously trying to help you out. Im sorry but your a dumbass you shouldnt even be in this situation.. WRAP IT UP, its not that hard unless your a little slow in the head (You could of left that out of the story, idk) :rolleyes:

  14. Please go to law school. I'd like to have you as my lawyer some day.

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    Maybe she was messin with the other guy too without u knowing, but he busted in her and now he decided to be her bf after she got prego

    Similar thing happened to my friend and the chick was living with him, spending time almost 24/7 together. She even had holiday dinners with his whole family the days after conception date. When my boy suggested abortion she disappearred, and ran to this mystery other guy...8 months later, my friend had family court do paternity and it wasnt his.

    If you wanna know just contact family court and pay for a lawyer...if you cant afford it and she never approaches you then mayb you shouldnt be taking responsibility for a kid at this time in your life...child support haunts you for 18+ years for around $150/week depending on the state
  16. Rubbers cost a lot less than DNA tests and diapers
  17. Hahahahahhahah I can't help but laugh at the people who fuck girls and pull out "cuz it works". Soooooo naive :laughing:

    How about....asking her? DNA test when the kid is born? Yeah.... I think that if it was indeed yours she would have maybe contacted you. You don't even know if she was sleeping around with other guys lol.
  18. You heard she was pregnant through second hand information,,,

    It's kind of important to know for sure.

    I agree, she probably would have tried to contact you by now.
  19. Right now, you have no resources to support a child. Even if you really wanted to, it would still be a huge stress on your life. I'm also in college and the last thing I would want to do right now is raise a kid. Consider yourself lucky that she hasn't come to you. As others have said, maybe she was messing around with someone else at the same time and that's why she hasn't called. The thing is, even if it is your kid, you are in no position to be a good father anyway. If I were you, I wouldn't contact her. If she finds you, then you should man up about it but for the time being, don't go and nuke your life. If you really want to pursue it, do it after college when you actually have a chance to be a father.
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    I wouldn't worry about it, unless you get a call from this girl saying "we need to talk". If it was just a casual hookup, then the burden of contacting you about her pregnancy is on her. Just because you heard from a friend, who buys pot from the pilates instructor of her high school friend who... etc. etc. doesn't mean you need to put your scooby doo hat on and go investigating. If you were the father, she should have told you by now. If your are the father and she hasn't told you, then that is a trainwreck of a situation and your best option is to shake your head and watch from the station...

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