I might get caught

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  1. So me and my friends skipped last two periods and we went to my backyard to smoke a 2 J's and my neighbor saw us walking out and my friend had a J in his hand.

    What should I do if he tells my mom?

    I'm fucking stoned.. :smoking:
  2. I was sucking up my friend in the back please don't be mad mommy.
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    Just say you went home to get something you forgot?

    Thats the excuse I would use. But then again by the time i was 18 i was able to sign myself out of school, so it didnt matter.

    Edit: As far as the joint goes, just say you have no idea.
  4. Say he smokes cigarettes
  5. fuck it youll probably be moving out soon enough anyway
  6. This thread is going to destroy you, OP.
  7. knock on the door and tell him if he says shit hes getting a brick thrown through his window be like were neighbors man I didnt do anything to you why get me in shit for something that dosent affect you
  8. Whats that supposed to mean?
  9. Paranoia, my underage friend. You'll be fine
  10. Say he is a liar and to prove it!
  11. Don't worry about it bro, you're paranoid. There's no reason for him to rat you out :)

    Jus' chill and have a smooooke :bongin:
  12. Look kid I'm not gonna tell your mom.. I was just interested in the Js..
  13. Is that marijuana I smell?1?!?!!11
  14. [quote name='"s3v loves you"']Paranoia, my underage friend. You'll be fine[/quote]

    Considering your only 12 your self
  15. [quote name='"Dylanzs"']

    Considering your only 12 your self[/quote]

    Oh noezz, you found me out :/

    Are you having a bad day, Dylan?
  16. [quote name='"Acelynx"']

    Whats that supposed to mean?[/quote]

    Age police. I'm surprised they haven't been more rampant here.
  17. I'm surprised the admins don't ban more people for posts like these that scream The Op is under age.

    None the less I don't give a shit. Don't sweat it op. you made the decision to smoke and now you have to deal with repercussions. But just make up some shit, who cares eh?
  18. Next time think before you cut school and go to your own backyard to smoke. At least wait until school is done or go somewhere private.

    Being smart goes a long way.
  19. im gunna tell your mommy and your gunna be in big trouble mister
  20. Somebody is getting the belt tonight. :smoke: and it wont be me, I'll be here smoking fatties all night in the comfort of my own home :bongin:

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