I Might get an ounce of shrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Im jumping with joy right now! My friend and i have been looking nonstop for some shrooms for at least the past week. we've had so many potential connects fall through. well my friend just called me... his friend can "probably, but isn't promising" an ounce of shrooms for $120!!!! i'm so excited, if i actually get this i will be the happiest, and stoned person tonight!!!! ( and for the next few weeks!)

    AHH im praying, please don't fall through.
    pointpless post i know... just sheer jubilance
  2. I understand the struggle, pal.

    I'm in between growing mush so in the mean time I've been searching to and fro for connections. Hopefully tonight I'll be eating 7g and be shot off to the cosmos.

    Best of luck obtaining your boom booms!
  3. Why is it that shrooms are so goddamn hard to find? I only know one guy, but whenever he's dry I always ask around nobody knows of anybody with shrooms to sell.
  4. its not good to doo shrooms like everyday d00d.but whateva if you like it fuck it

  5. I didnt read anywere he said he was going to be doing them everyday.

    Post a pic of the O when you get them if you do.

    Well I suppose if"the next few weeks" means everyday.Though he still didnt say I am going to trip on mushrooms everyday for the next few weeks.
  6. its ridiculous how hard it is to find em. i was lucky to boom twice this summer, and once in the spring. Still relatively often, but i should be able to find em a lot easier then LITERALLY calling 15 people every day for a week.

    i've done enough research, i know the deal and wat im doin. I don't have the means to do em everyday, but id deffinitely do em a lot more often if i could get em.
  7. thats whats up-hopefully it comes through
  8. i been wanting to try them for a minute
  9. i bought an oz of really good shrooms once....i was EXTREMELY happy with my purchase.....well worth it....it was AWSOME......i tripped like 6 times off it....all very goood trips
  10. You call people every day for shit? Man. Thats so annyoing. I hate people who blow up other peoples cellphones. I can understand every few days, but come on. You know its hard to get, be patient. Those people you are bugging are doing you a service they don't have to do, and likely won't get anything from you for it.
  11. What do you mean wont get anything for it?They get money.If they didnt want people calling there phone all the time maybe they should have thought about not dealing.
  12. maybe you should realize they want to make money so they will call you when they can get some. not a hard concept.
  13. What kind of dealer calls people when they get drugs?

    If the dealer is actually making bank he doesnt have to call little kids and ask them to buy his/her said drugs.Not a hard concept.
  14. maybe they just don't like you

  15. That was a pretty dumb statement.I grow my own weed.I have alot of dealers that are VERY reliable.I can call them up and anyone of them will be over at my house in less than 30 minutes.I tihnk its you who the dealers dont like and are trying to turn you into a fiend when they get more product in.So before you go and say"maybe they just dont like you"get some facts straight.You dont know my dealers,I can tell you that 2 of my dealers are very good friends with me also and I have known one for about 9 years now.He grows his Marijuana and I have been in his grow space multiple times.I am certain no one would show a person they dont like there grow.

    On a side note your dealers probably dont like you.They only like the money your bringing in.I get Med quility Marijuana from this dude very cheap.He sells ounces to his clientel for 375$ an ounce.When I get it form him for 175$ an ounce.So although he may be making money of me still he likes me.He also gives me weed sometimes and smokes me up all the time.

    This all my seem strange to you becouse I dont think anyone has showed you compassion as of yet.
  16. DUDE, YOUR SO FUCKING LUCKY, i have been looking ALL OVER CT to no avail, i had a connect, but he got busted(he was growing em too)

    FUCK you lucky sonva bitch:):p:p:p
  17. Let me know how it goes?
    if the deal goes down or not.
  18. kind of irrelevant, but i wonder how often shroom growers get busted
  19. yes, we did call people everyday... because in my area as soon as someone gets shrooms, they go fast!!! trust me, they get a lot of calls every day, and they expect it. supply and demand. n if they want my money they can answer my call... and they always do... the ignore button is right there so im sure its straight

    oh... and i didn't get em... but the kid claims hes workin on it, so i might still get lucky.

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