I might be moving to Florida !

Discussion in 'General' started by georgee1, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. :cool: not sure what to expect i heard good things and bad things. one of my obvious concerns is the price of bud down there? anyone know if it's a G for a dub down there like it is in chicago suburbs. or better. how hard is it to find a weedman when you move? i've never moved before and so i don't know how i would find a dealer. i don't know if i should just ask some random dude "where da bud at?" or if it's even common down there. also off topic but is florida still geek central?
  2. Where I am bud is scarce, when you do find it it's expensive. I'm ashamed to say I am waiting for a quarter of mids for $45. When I lived in NE I paid $25-$30 for the same thing. It also depends on where in the state you are, I am in an area that is overrun with meth heads so there isn't a real high demand for weed.
  3. lol. talking fort lauderdale area possibley
  4. where at exactly in florida?
  5. fort lauderdale
  6. 15 a g is a common price just look for a stoner looking person & ask
  7. i like your username, i like how el chapo is going to war with the Zetas in mexico, reminds me of some pancho villa type shit. if you know what im talking about that is
  8. i live in daytona
    here it's usually 15 a g/45 an eigth/90 a quarter/150 half/ 280 ounce
  9. Fort Lauderdale is where my cousins be

    man they are sexy

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