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i might b gettin ripped off

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by insomniac190, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. aight heres the deal, i started smokin weed like 5 months ago. buyin a couple grams here and there. recently, i started dealin so im buyin it by the ounce. i bought an ounce of mitties last week for 130 and it went pretty quick. this week i bought an ounce of hydro for 250. it is some fresh shit and you get high after one bowl. but some of the people i show it to say that since it doesnt have any red in it that its wort 50...not 250. these are some pretty decent sized nugs and some people say it looks like 20 grams. most of the people who said its worth $50 usually just smoke at parties. 2 people that i asked said i got a good deal, and they smoke all the time. so can somebody please tell me what else i need to be sure it has and how to tell if im gettin ripped off. peace.
  2. one tip of advice get a scale it helps so much...its only like $50 and thats nothing compared to what you can make...and most people are idiots take that in to mind don't let a few people saying stuff sway your mind chances are they don't know shit and are just trying to look for the lack of reds i wouldn't worry about that you said your self its a good fuckin smoke so..umm ya toke on
  3. I'd stop dealing... I did.

    My friend got arrested because someone narced him out. He may not only go to jail, but got expelled from his senior year of highschool. He's so fucked. Don't do it at all... Your life could seriously get FUCKED.

    Let the kids udner 18 do it, they only get a tap on the wrist.
  4. Hey man don't try and cut down the pot dealers! We need them!
  5. Yeah I agree with Zuax. And where I live there hard to find anyways.
  6. I'm not condoning dealing at all but one can't know what they really have without scales. Common knowledge. Everything goes by actual weight not what you think it weighs.

    ADVICE: Don't tell people you deal. I'm not even comfy with you admitting it on this board here in the forums because you're saying that's what you do and trafficking isn't allowed here and I'm afraid some people might see your admission as an offer to do it here. For those who didn't read the rules that are posted in every forum, that's not allowed here so don't get any ideas. I'm sure insomniac has no intention of doing anything like that HERE!

    Now, more advice....everyone should have their own scales to avoid getting ripped off.

    I'd appreciate it if this would stay geared at not getting ripped off instead of dealing, please.



    "It is strictly prohibitted to post any message related to drug-exchange, trafficing or drug-dealing."
  7. go to ebay and search for digital scales, they have ones that weigh up to 120 grams at 0.1 accuracy. Once you buy one and start using it, you may find a lot of people skimp you, i did.
  8. Like said get a scale,any good weed has a great smell when a bud is brokin into. ]

    Red hairs look nice but not all good weed has them!!!!!!!
  9. hydro by no means should be more expensive.. a hydropincly grown bud is no different that a soil grown bud, its all in the nutrients... and hydro if anything, should be cheaper because you typicially get a larger yeild with a hydroponic system......
  10. i cant really say if you got ripped off.. 1 because i dont know how much actually have.. i cant see how much by what you were describing.. and 2 i dont know the type of weed... but for 250 an ounce it better be DAMN good
  11. get a scale, not all dro is the same. in ur case, dont tell ppl how much u bought it for, tha jus brings up controversey. sell the bud and make a profit my man

  12. well he doesnt really know how much he has.. so mabey not

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