I met Time and found out his nickname

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bkadoctaj, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Yeah, this morning I went for a walk to Lu-Shen Mountain. It was a bit nippy today, kind of surprising for September, but then again, it is a mountain. As I approached the familiar hut of Life, I was met by a figure in mysterious, enigmatic cloak. He said to follow him and keep up. I said I couldn't keep up with his pace... if I sped up I went past him, if I slowed down I fell behind him. There was no balance, no center, no rhythm to his pace.

    And then he stopped. Colors brightened, my body felt warm and free, and my ears were filled with beautiful notes. Turning around Time said, my nickname is Paradox.
  2. I dig how you express your ideas.

  3. Thanks. :) You have a nice signature.
  4. this has got to be the most retarded expression of the idea socialist touchy-feely conspiracy i've ever seen.
  5. I love how well this is expressed. It's so difficult to capture ideas the way you have, and this is done very well :)
  6. i stand connected.
  7. Wut did you even comprehend the the OP?

  8. i like this.
  9. op, you are either brilliant or on mushrooms. i really can't tell which.
  10. I think it's both. ^__^
  11. brilliant mushrooms!

  12. lol!!!

    I was stone sober this morning. Maybe you're the high one?
  13. Lu-Shen? Google only come back with Lu-Shan. :p


  14. I made that name up. It sounded mystical Chinese enough for me.
  15. Good piece, man. I like the surprise ending. :hippie:
    Coincidentally I think the same thing when I think of the bible!
  16. Should we maybe start calling you BKAdoctahLaoTzu?:D

    I like the nickname for time, do you have one for space as well?

  17. :lol: i don't think you really understand the word if you're using it like that.

    to the OP. groovy parable! not sure i agree wholly on it really but it's a great way of expression!
  18. heheh, I share the sentiments with most of the others, interesting post. (And nice delivery method) :)
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYiahoYfPGk]YouTube - Time - Pink Floyd + Lyrics[/ame]

    Reminds me of this song, both beautiful and haunting at the same time. Then again, so is that enigmatic figure in a dark cloak.

  20. It may take another journey of a thousand miles beginning with one step. ;)

    If you meet Space first, let us know.

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