Collab I met someone who collabs with SALT alot, and i got a new HISI :)

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  1. so i went to austintexas this weekend to party this weekend

    and when i was there i noticed the new BC smoke shop (HUGE salt selection, slides, hammers, chillums) had opened, so i went in and this guy named micha evans brought in some of the new glass (very very cool natural perculation bongs) and we were just talking about glass and things, but then he told me SALT actually lives in austin, and he collaborted on a piece with him. it was AMAMAMAMAZING. i wish i could have taken pics but my battery was dead "/

    he told me salt was a really nice hippie kkind of guy, not at all what i expected

    then i got a double u perc hisi
  2. haha did you think salt was some demonic tough guy that rides harleys around and worships the devil? no offense anyone.. ive met a few really good glass blowers coming through the area,

  3. hahah not so extreme, but at least someone into like dark clothes, dark music etc. lol
  4. BC's tight, did you manage to check out oat willie's? that place has some tighht glass.
  5. ur gonna love ur HiSi. Ive got one like urs but straight tube, my fav piece ive hit to this day...but today it might change cuz my sg stemline will be here. :hello:
  6. I mean Salt is big, but I like Micah Evans' work more! You shoulda picked something up off of him!
  7. Micah evans is the shit!

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    Ah yes, the satellite series, i think there is 1-2 more, but they're nucking futs

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