I met Laurence Fishburne

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  1. So last night me and my friend got high and saw Pineapple Express. We got off the train and were walking to the theater on 84th street but were kind of lost. We were baked out of or minds and we ran into Laurence Fishburne. He was talking to a doorman or something.

    Me: Hey man do you know where the movie theater is....Oh hey you are Laurence Fishburne, what's up man, I saw you in Thurgood like 2 weeks ago, it was really good.
    Laurence Fishburne: Thanks.
    My friend: Hey Larry!
    Laurence Fishburne: Laurence
    My friend: Oh my bad.
    Laurence Fishburne: So the movie theater is on 84th and Broadway so go down this way and then walk down two blocks.

    So yea that is how it went pretty much. Thurgood is a one man show that he is in on Broadway. It was awesome. My friend called him Larry because he was billed as Larry Fishburne in a movie once.

    Then we saw the movie. It was funny as hell. Getting home took forever due to train delays though.
  2. Damn + Rep just for meeting this guy out of the blue!!!
    I would love to meet him, he always puts his heart into his Characters!!!
  3. Thats awesome.

    I really liked him in the Matrix and Boys in the Hood.
  4. YEAAAAH!!! 3 great movies..(I'm not including Revolutions)

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