I met a guy in SC and we smoked a blunt!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Phychedforweed, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. So I met this black guy he looked like koadak black to be honest! He was 18 i'm not going to say his name but I think he said he was from Detroit. After seeing him around a couple days later I asked him if he smoked and he said he had some on him. So me him and two other of my friends smoked a blunt he had pre rolled and we were passing around a bowl in a circle. he showed me the weed and it was green and purple it was dank as fuck. But then he started playing music and by that time i was fried out of my mind! Slippery by Migos came on and all four of us started to rap it. it was so fucking lit one of the best times i had there. But we all get done smoking and I was there on vacation so I head back to my camp site and tell my mom I am going to take a shower. I get to the shower take it and when I get out I was lost in this camp ground! it took me soo long to get back to my camp site and when I did I just layed down in my tent and went to bed! That was the best vacation I have had so far and I cant wait to bring an ounce next time I go!!
  2. Best story ever. You met a black person. WOW
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  3. Look there ! A black Man!
  4. Quite an experience for a youngster.
    He was 18, how old are you?
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  5. Some of you people just criticize way to easily! He had a good time...met a black man that was 18 and smoked a blunt passing a bowl around got lost passed out and now wants to take a ounce on his next vacation....be nice...he may visit your town next and you may be the "Black" man he smokes with!

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  6. He should do a national tour and people could pay money for this experience
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  7. He was ...... black?!!?
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  8. Sounds like a good time. Sad too see the posters above don't realize how much of an experience it is to meet someone new of a different culture. Believe it or not, black and white people don't hang out too much.
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  9. He is the one making it a big deal that the guy was black.
  10. Roll with this modified story next time. Much more interesting.
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  11. Maybe it was his first time meeting a black man? Not sure why someone sharing their experience about, being excited to meet a black person, would offend you. Big deal? If this is what you consider a big deal you need to reevaluate your definitions.
  12. read this in Bubbles' voice
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  13. Listen all fuss aside....racism or not this kid might have had family members or he himself might have had a preconceived idea about black people (consciously or not) and the fact that his amazing great experience didnt add up to any of the thoughts he might have had prior. I see this as a good thing. Any one making it a big deal just wants to see what kind of debate they can start up.
    Now, If a black guy said the same about a white guy i'm curious to see what kind of responses would have been posted.
    Kudos for you for having a great trip. If no one made a big deal about this adjective you used I personally wouldn't have even noticed you said it.
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  14. Black as a mild
  15. Black n mild

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