i met a dude who slings!

Discussion in 'General' started by hunteraugustine, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. yeah. i'm with my family right now, and i'm walking down the street smoking a joint and i timed it out wrong when i inhaled, so i exhaled the smoke right as we were walking past each other. so he stops me and tells me sells and that he lives like a block away. says he sells 8ths for 50 bucks. which is good for me 'cause the 8ths i'm buying now are like 75$. dunno if it's dank weed or not. anyways, he gives me his number, but i've had very little experience buying from people i just met. i usually buy from friends, or friends of friends. suggestions?
  2. just call

    be like "hey i met you bla bla days ago"

    he says something

    "yeah i need an eighth. is it good weed?"

    bla bla bla sales pitch

    "sure. i'll come check it out"

    have him weigh it out in front of you

    and if all goes good then u got a new connect
  3. don't give your money on front(meaning giving your money to him so he can "get it")

    Bring scale if you can.
  4. alright. thanks for the help !
  5. If you're frontin'

    Be prepared to start jumpin'

    Cause when they run off with yo cash

    it's time to kick some ass
  6. i like that.
  7. Word.

    And no money exchange till trees in your hand.
  8. Yeah dude no money up front.

    I'm a good eyeballer, and lucky for me my dealer weighs it out if front of ya.

    But you've paid 75$ of 3.5 grams?!

    For 75 if i use the dealer i'm in tight with i can get like 14 grams.

    I pay 25$ for eighths.

    Ahhh your in LA. They're really crackin down on weed right now arent they?
  9. what bleezie said and no money up front
  10. Theres only two rules I follow when buying from a stranger. Never give him the money untill the product is in your hand. And the other rule, if the situation feels in any way shady to me I bounce.
  11. yea you should definitely see what hes got, 75 an 8th is rape
  12. i guess so man, i haven't really talked to any dealers about prices for a while.

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