I messed up so hard...

Discussion in 'General' started by Proish, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. So... Basically I sold a verizon iphone that my friend "found" on craigslist. Apparently the phone was stolen and the ESN was bad. The guy I sold it to won't stop calling and texting me... He texted me saying that he's gonna call the cops on me for selling a stolen iPhone. He has my phone number but only my phone number, no other information. Am I fucked? Or will the cops not care?
    I ignored all of his phone calls and his text messages and I'm freaking out right now... I need help.

    I know I'm a fucking low life for selling stolen shit but I really needed the money..

    I have no proof that it was my friend that gave it to me so I'm pretty much fucked...
  2. Talk to him about it take it back and give him his $ back ignoring him will only make it worse
  3. I think he might just be threatening me. I honestly feel like shit and I'm freaking out... But I dont know.. I'll just see what happens tomorrow.

  4. give him his money back and take the phone to the cops...
  5. GIVE THE MONEY BACK. i have a feeling this wasnt an option when you arrived at this forum, but you need to make it that way.
  6. swindling a dude out of his money is not going to end well for you my friend, be it with the cops, or some other way.

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