I may need a lady's advice.

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  1. So, of course there's always "the one that got away", right? So, mine is the girl I lost my virginity to about six years ago, and she's started to talk to me again.

    She says that she loves me, that usual stuff, but I can't bring myself to say it back, to be honest, she hurt me more than anyone.

    If she's giving me another chance, should I go for it?

    (A woman's opinion would be preferred [:)
  2. I'm not woman but I know how it feels to be hurt by the person I lost my virginity to (she also hurt me more than anyone else too). I dunno about getting back into a relationship or whatever though. I would definitely have a revenge fuck and toss her aside like she did to me though. :D
  3. if you fucked her...i have bad news for you but she didnt get away.
  4. Well what happened between you two? How did it end?

    I need more information...

  5. I fucked up, pretty much. I pretty much ignored her until she gave up.
  6. so ummm you ignored her... so how did she hurt you? you arent giving us a lot of valuable information bro.

    but from what you've said so far id say, move on to a new girl it would be better.

  7. Going with this.^
  8. From what I have observed of relationships in my life, if you find reason enough not to be with someone once, then you will find reason enough again if you get back together. Obviously something didn't work between you two the first time, so its like doing the same thing twice expecting different results. It won't work.
  9. ALWAYS go for it with the one that got away. ALWAYS

  10. my ex who was my first everything, kinda left a bad taste in my mouth after she dumped me. ill see her this semester at college, i made a promise with myself to not get back with her relationship-wise... if she wants to fuck we will fuck but thats it.
  11. bet you break that promise to yourself! your first always has a hold over you!

  12. Hey dont jynx me now, but i know... ill still have an occasional dream about us still being together. But i gotta keep moving on, if we ended on good terms id agree with you but we ended on really bad terms. She tried keeping me on the hook as a safety net but after awhile of being treated like shit and as a person she only came to when she needed something i got tired of it and called her out on her shit. Been moving on ever since.

    We had a lot of great times and had a bunch in common but in the end the bad out weighed the good, i doubt she has changed much. She didnt believe "people changed" blah blah blah. She attempted suicide when she was younger, was on anti depressants for several years, some dude tried having his way with her when he was drunk at some high school party. This was all before we met, so yeah she has a lot of stuff to deal with. I didnt really realize this until after she ended things.
  13. who knows maybe in years to come when shes grown up properly & dealt with her deamons & whatever you two will cross paths again, stranger things have happened :eek:
  14. Tread carefully..I've never hooked up with an ex but if I did with mine that took my virginity I know I would be hooked all over again.

    Don't be afraid to throw in the towel and bounce if that's what it takes to stay sane.
  15. woman to woman, get with that girl! quit wasting time on gc, your future wife is waiting!

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