I may have stumbled upon someones garden...

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  1. Well, let me just start off by saying that I'm not completely sure. I wasn't exactly sober when I stumbled across it, so I'm going to have to go back to make sure. I've also been going through a dry spell (broke! and no good contacts! :( ) ... so I pretty much think about the sacred herb quite a lot. And I also couldn't get a very good look.

    So I'm just walking home from my friends house, minding my own business... then suddenly I smell this very strong familiar odor. Now we all know that Haze has a very distinct smell... so I flip my head around to look for any fellow tokers... this would explain the smell. There was no one in sight. If it was just from sombody lighting up a few minutes before I got there I don't think the smell would linger like that.

    I think, "HEY! Maybe someones growing in here!. I start looking around this fenced off patch of wooded area(public property) and lo and behold I spot a very peculiar formation of plants that look like they are set up very neatly in rows. And I'm just thinking, "No fuckin' way, nobody would ever grow here!" But I can't get it out of my head of how perfectly lined up they were in one area.

    It could be just typical weeds... but wouldn't they overgrow the whole area and not just one particular spot? Would they be able to grow themselves in perfect little rows? There were maybe 20-30 of 'em... no other plants in the area that looked even a smidgeon like the ones I'm talking about. I started thinking about it some more and i realized that the spot wasn't so bad. It's kind of hidden in plain sight. You would not be able to see it at all if you were driving in a car, so it's not like the cops could drive by and spot it. They would literally have to get out of their car and walk to the spot where I was to see it.

    Well between not wanting to draw attention to the area, the sun going down and my drunken state, I would say I do not know conclusively if these are indeed haze plants. I would have to go back sober one day and check it out.

    Am I planning on ravaging someone elses garden? HELL NO! That would be bad etiquette and bad karma. It would just be good for my ego to know that I was right! It's a pride thing. lol

    Is there anything naturally occuring in nature that would smell like Haze?
  2. it could be pot, but a lot of plants have a weed like aroma when wet or just naturally. ive sworn ive smelt bud before and its just been a plant. if you go back and look, dont go on anyones property, especially during daylight, and do not steal any of their plants. if it turns out they have 20-30 mature plants, id say from a growers standpoint, i wouldnt mind if a passerby stumbled upon mine, and taking a little clipping off the plant, of a very moddest amount would be fair in my eyes, in return for not taking them all or reporting it to anyone.

    as long as you do not steal their plants or do anything that would stop them from being able to harvest them, i dont see taking a bud or two off a plant as harming anyone. as a grower, i would have rather had the thieves that stole all my crop take a few buds each rather than stealing it all.

  3. What he said... i like the way u see things retroshark:smoking:
  4. thanks man, i try to be fair, because really, if anyone asked me to smoke some of my buds, id smoke them out, im generous like that. if someone found my plants, id consider it pretty much human nature to want to try some, so, if your kind youll only take enough for yourself to sample and not just rip off the persons hard work. if i found plants, if i even took any at all, it would be very little. if anything, id take a small branch and replant it and not take any bud at all.
  5. amen to that brother.:bongin:
  6. I'd feel so dirty taking anything from someones garden... but I guess a little wouldn't hurt. I'm very honerable about anything pot related. lol I won't even grab a tiny nug from somebody's oz without asking. (Not like my friends would mind either) Thinking about it, I wouldn't mind if someone took a little if that was my garden either. I'd much rather keep a look-out for the grower and strike up a conversation, I'm sure I'd get a sample that way and make a new friend. ;) (or get the shit kicked out of me... lol... I doubt it stoners are usally very non-violent)

    I know what you mean about the bud smell... I notice that a lot too... there is just something about the way this whole thing looks that leaves me no choice but to go back for a second look. And it's a Haze smell... haze has a very distinct odor.

    I'm gonna go back in a few days. The best way to solve this mystery is to just go there and get a close look at the leaves. From where I was standing it looked like they were the right shape... but typical weeds do resemple marijuana sometimes.

    I'll keep everyone posted... but I won't be headed back that way for atleast a couple of days.
  7. That'd be cool if they were some haze...I'd say the odds of you stumbling across the grower are probably pretty slim, as I'm sure he keeps it as covert as possible (just the grower way), but yeah, a couple little buds here and there don't hurt anyone, and I'd sure as hell prefer someone do that then gank a plant or something. I mean, if someone came across my garden, I'd definitely give a sample...it's just a stoner thing to do:smoke:

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