I may have screwed up

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mustangkiller, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Got stuck away from the house and the lights were left on an extra 2hrs. Im a week into flowering. I assume as long as this doesn't happen again I should be ok. What are your thoughts?
  2. yes you are. when i was about 2 weeks into flower my lights got left on for 24-48 hours. and plants are fine. just keep on trucking your plants will be ok
  3. ^agree
    Lifes still good man
  4. I'm off by an hour or more quite often because of work and other things never seen a negative effect
  5. Awesome. Nice to have y'all confirm it for me
  6. digi timers kick ass :)
  7. digi is my fav, but even the twist and push ones work fine.

    Come on people, its like 10 dollars .... buy a timer
  8. Lol I know, I know. I actually have one but for some reason, I'm too stupid or lazy to install it. That is on my hunny-do list for today.
  9. too lazy for your babies?!?!!??!
  10. Lol I'm a pothead. Nuff' said :D
  11. invest in a digi.. I also happen to be a mustangkiller >.> i dont know if we are killing the same type of mustangs tho. Or if you are implying you are a killer mustang lol
  12. My mopar kills mustangs for sport.
  13. Don't blame marijuana for the neglect of your marijuana plant. That is almost an oxymoron. Just say you didn't do it because you were lazy, or you figured you would never make a mistake with turning the lights off.

    What happens if you were injured and stuck in the hospital for a few weeks, you now have a fire trap in your grow room (Or even worse: grow BOX). Always be prepared with a contingency plan. You will kick yourself in the ass later when you're smoking herb that just isn't up to your standards (or yield) you were expecting, or even something as dramatic as completely killing your plant.

    Take the time to do the easy things with a grow, a timer is cheap and easy to install as plugging something into an outlet and pressing a few buttons (or turning a dial). There are a lot of unplanned things that can happen in a grow, eliminate the simple problems, like asking if getting 2 hrs extra of light will harm your plants. Something like that shouldn't happen unless you program the timer wrong, which shouldn't happen if you always double check :)

  14. Thats what i like to hear. Mustangs avoid my 383 chev at all costs
  15. I purposely posted here to reply to the gear heads! My Subaru enjoys a nice Mustang for breakfast, especially the unsuspecting type.

    Now on to business, I adjusted my cycle by 12 hours and have had no issues. But you should hook up that timer, using weed as an excuse for laziness isn't going to get you anywhere.

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