I may be pregnant, need opinions.

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  1. Hey all, I dont know for sure, and wont know for about another five days. But there are symptoms, and I am feeling off. Anyways, I was thinking and spent quite some time looking the net about effects of marijuana smoking while pregnant. Everything seems inconclusive.

    Do you guys think that if I still smoked until I found out for sure would be bad? I smoke a little bit at the end of the night, and more on weekends. But I dont know what to do, I would defnitely quit if I was pregnant, to be safe, but what about now, is it the ethically responsible thing to do to not smoke or drink, if there is a small change that I would be pregnant and not know for sure. bahhhhh!
  2. How bout you smoke a bowl, chill out, and weigh your options. I won't judge you.
  3. the fact that you are even contemplating this just shows you're not mature enough to handle a pregnancy at this time
  4. If you're so worried about it then yeah, just stay off the drugs for a few days.
  5. depends if you want your child to be a pothead or not...

    but definetely don't poison it with alcohol or tobacco:cool:

    best of luck :smoke:
  6. ya or u could be better safe then sorry. im sorry but if i were pregnant i would be responsible and not take any psychoactive drugs that could possibly hurt my baby just becuase i want to
    ... thats just me tho
  7. hmmm... i guess you'll be okay, it'll have a low tolerance for weed
  8. Does that mean you would keep it? That sucks.
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    Yeah i wouldnt do any cannabis during the pregnancy. If you dont do any psychoactive drugs the baby will probably turn out fine, if you do, you never know, it could be detrimental even without recorded cases.

    I think your biggest problem now is to find the dad and make sure he stays with you. Consider abortion if you are not ready and if your boyfriend/husband is not ready. Of course, abortion is ENTIRELY up to you. Make sure you can raise the baby financially. Once everything is taken care of, then think about HOW you are going to raise the baby, including when it is up your pussy.

    Couldnt resist the last part, dont want the post to be a snobby serious....
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    What the hell do you know about me? How many women out there smoke and drink two months into their pregnancy without even knowing they are pregnant. Or those women who dont care?
    If I am pregnant I am two weeks, I HAVENT smoked, therefore I asked others. I asked for opinions, not for some smart ass know it all comment.

    While I was searching on the net there was a woman who did a seven year study in jamaican women who smoked pot during their pregnancy, and drank ganja tea. Her results showed no impact on the children, whereas a man did a four year study in the US and found results of children with ADD problems and hyperactivity. We get alot of children with fetal alcohol syndrome at work, and it is truly devastating. There are also all these studies on pregnant women now who are taking antidepressents, some harmful effects from those too.
  11. Smoking cannabis during pregnancy has not been proven harmful to the baby, but it is not recommended. Personally, as a father, I would NOT want my girl doing drugs while she was pregnant. You have more responsibilities now than just yourself.

    Get your priorities straightened out. Instead of thinking about getting high, think about the beautiful baby your about to bring into the world.
  12. Because babies are serious buzz kills.
  13. Fine you clearly have your priorities straight, let your baby breath some combusted plant material.

  14. What would he breath? The liquid that surrounds the uterus? Last i heard, your lungs are different from your uterus and an unborn baby resides in the uterus not the lungs.

    She's probably more mature than you, she's not sure how she will raise the baby (which is a 100% normal for unplanned pregnancies), she accepts the fact that she doesnt know, she wants to find out, and instead of fucking up and trying again, she asks a community to find out what to do.

    I wouldnt want to go to my doctor and say "I had sex last night, I wore a condom but i have an itch this morning" and hear him reply "the fact that you are even contemplating this just shows you're not mature enough to handle sex at this time" and walk out the room.

    Grow up, realize that there is nothing wrong with asking questions.
  15. dont smoke baccy or drink. i would go with edibles if i was a pregnant women. dont do coke.
  16. Someone who is mature enough to handle a pregnancy would not be contemplating smoking. With all the things to deal with, that should be the last of her priorities.
  17. what the fuck ever happened to the morning after pill? You shouldnt even be pregnant right now unless it was on purpose, which i highly doubt considering you're asking if you can smoke pot til you know for sure.

    Damn when i get to the point where i want kids i will not let my girl smoke anything. I want my little ones to come out the shoot running, not coughing.
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    A couple months ago I read an article that said smoking marijuana while pregnant helps prevent the baby from having alzheimers [spelling] later in life. But you should look that up because it might have been a dream.

    Look to be honest, if you're uncomfortable with it, just don't do it. Don't smoke for the next five days, find out if you're pregnant or not and then when you go to have the blood test, ask the doctor there. Or call your OB/GYN for a medical opinion.

    I commend you on your early demonstration of responsibility, and ignore that guy, he has no idea what he's talking about. The fact alone that you do or do not know if you're pregnant and are already thinking about the child's life shows maturity and demonstrates the fact that you are already thinking about yourself and someone else, not just yourself.
  19. its p;ayed out but its better to be safe then sorry
  20. yeah seriously.. qft

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