I made this song that i find interesting, would you like to listen to it?

Discussion in 'General' started by compton stomp, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Came up with this new track tonight. I think its pretty interesting, and im high as bricks so i would love to share it with anyone down to listen and critique. Always enjoy the critiques, helps me out a lot. thanks here it is:

    Myrok Rolles - Legitimize Her - SoundCloud

    dubstep inspired hard house music, in case your wondering
  2. How did you make this music? Do you DJ?
  3. Yea i dj as well, but right now im workin on producing so that i can put together a set of my own music. I do make some pretty sick mixes though on my turntables, i've jut been focusing on producing lately... do you like it?

    thanks for the listen :)

  4. Yah dude its not amazing but it definitely goes. So what's the difference between DJing and producing? Is one mixing and the other you make your own songs?
  5. yea exactly. Dj'ing is just playing songs that have already been made and putting your own spin on them. Producing is the act of actually making a song from scratch

  6. how does one go about producing a sound?

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