I made my own Pipes Bong and oners out of steel and titanium

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  1. Someone asked in a thread about what materials are safe to smoke out of, "Who has random pieces of titanium lying around". Well I do :smoke: I had some scrap pieces of steel and titanium lying around so I have been making some stuff. Check it out tell my what you think. The first picture is my titanium oner its a little bigger than 1/4" diameter and the bowl is about an inch deep. I have Blued it as we say to give it its color. It has the ridges to theoretically cool down the smoke. It is also extremely light, lighter than a cheapo pen or pencil. The second is my Bong I am in the process of I will update as it is finished. It hits really nicely and will never break :hello:. the third is a pipe i made out of steel, i just thought it would be a cool design. The last is my gold plated pipe. Yes it really is gold plated so it begs the question is gold safe to smoke out of. These are all made out of the highest quality materials, because like i said i used scrap metal and we can only use very high quality materials because of what we make. Also if anyone likes these id be willing to make one for you or maybe a custom piece that you design or at least inspire. Happy smokin!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. reppd, those are sick. The gold plated piece is especially cool. Try and make a custom inline bubbler or something, that'd be awesome.
  3. I like that one hitter and the gold is bad ass can you do any other pipe designs in gold?
  4. that one hitter is so fucking sweet.
  5. I would easily pay $20 or something for that titatnium oney
  6. I wish I could +rep you multiple times. Those pieces are SWEET. Honestly not sure how safe/unsafe the materials are.

    I would definitely pay for a piece like one of those.
  7. thats cool man...im avid fan of home made pieces.
  8. bump, these are awesome.
  9. Bump again. This guy is a true engineer, and I think many wannabe Mcguyvers could take a lesson from him. Good shit man. Repped
  10. Hey all I have been out of the game for a while now... just havent had time with school and work. however I now have a cnc lathe to play with and will soon have a cnc mill. I have to say thanks to all of you for the support. I am seriously thinking about making these as a little side job now. I just made a program on my lathe for my first production run of bats. I think this design is much better looking than my first. Also this one hits so nicely its ridiculous. I used to only be able to do blue color but now i can do a whole range of colors... except red which sucks. anyway tell me what you think. Im thinking 20bucks a pop is fair I dunno tho this is still in stage one. There will be more designs to come soon.

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  11. Alright I stumbled across a sticky thread today about selling pipes here on Grasscity so I shot them a pm and we will see what they think I guess. Wish me luck.
  12. thatd be sick if they sold them, but, if i can throw in a suggestion id say instead of doing like zig zagged ones in the pic with a bunch of them do a sprialed tube instead. idk if you could but id personally rather have that
  13. is smoking out of titantium safe?

    or are "these" items safe to smoke out of.
  14. I don't know, just guessing, but I would think titanium would be safe to smoke out of. It doesn't melt until 3000+ degrees F, and I know that titanium dioxide is used for everything from paints to food applications, so even if a bic could heat TI to the point of oxidization, I don't think it would be harmful.

    Again, just guessing.
  15. I spoke with my metallurgy professor a while back about this. Titanium fumes are not harmful even if titanium is melted. He said there can be situations like when welding or grinding of titanium where certain particles can create harmful substances. Smoking out of titanium though is just about as good as it gets. To be honest These pipes are safer than most glass pipes. Alot of the color in glass pipes comes from metal particles that arent as inert as titanium. My pipes also use NO DYES for the color. Titanium is a colorable metal meaning the metal itself changes color. I would never ever ever smoke out of an aluminum pipe for this reason. Aluminum is not a colorable metal. the color comes from an oxidization process that creates pores on the surface of the metal which are then filled with DYE. How many of you would put dye in a spoon and heat it up and inhale... I know I wouldnt. :eek:
    At lightter temps even torch lighters titanium doesnt fume at all which means no metallic taste. It doest get much better than that :hello:
  16. I definitely like the spiral idea however I dont have a lathe capable of that........ but my Mill will be able to as soon as I get it. The lathe can do some cool things but it is severely limited because it is only two axis. My mill will be 4 axis though and can pretty much do anything so I am pretty stoked for that. I can start doing some really complex designs. Including more than just bats.
  17. + Rep for your nasty skills
  18. i wouldnt think a lighter would be hot enough to produce any fumes out of titanium... Its melting point is crazy high... is anodizing oxidation? i thought they put it in sulfuric acid and ran an electric current to create pores

  19. anodizing is oxidation (in the case of aluminum at least, I'm a dirtbiker, this I know :p) I also know that some aluminum is 'stained' or dyed, as our clever titanium constructor has mentioned. I also love the color of TI, and the way it changes! (Again, motorcycles).

    I love the bats, and I can't wait till you can do some more complex stuff! :hello:
  20. I would love to get together with you (op) and design a bunch of different pieces.

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