i made karma my bitch

Discussion in 'General' started by T-bone904, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. i packed this super bowl earlier and it waz pretty much perfect. filled to the top packed tight but not too tight. gorgeous bowl really. only shitty part about the whole situation waz both my shitty clear lighters broke. like the black button thing that releases the fluid. so i tore this whole apartment upside down. woke my ole lady up throwin shit around makin hella noise lol. could find nothin so i used matches:cool: i used up about 4 and broke another 6 probly:rolleyes:
    so anyhow take that you damn youngsters and your fancy fire makers:)
  2. Uh how is that making karma your bitch whatsoever? I'd say your karmas bitch from the sounds of it!
  3. Despite the fact that his lighter broke, he still got to smoke his amazing bowl.

    +rep for being innovative. I've smoked using matches before, it ain't too bad.

    I also love that feeling you described of packing the perfect bowl. Those types of bowls seem to get you just an extra bit higher!:hello:

  4. Uhh, his karma was that his lighters broke, and he said fuck karma and used matches... Sounds pretty obvious to me! haha:smoking:
  5. thats the worst man..

    especially when you pack a bowl, cuz most likely you will have to light it more then once.. i actually used a magnifying glass i found in our workshop once.. tastes goood. damn im doin that now!

    roor magnifying hit! :smoking::smoking:
  6. lol props.

    I've smoked a bowl using matches before. I used up about 10 of them, shit was redic.
  7. Kudos for innovation :D I would probably do the same thing if I had something really nice packed tightly together. But alas, I can only take baby hits at a time. Karma would kick my ass on a pretty big bowl xD
  8. I agree with the first poster. Making karma your bitch would be repairing the lighter. :p

    You were karma's bitch because you got inconvenienced by spending time looking for a lighter, and you got inconvenienced a second time because smoking with matches is shitty, haha. =D
  9. well your a talking piece of broccoli tree so fuck your opinion lol :smoking:
  10. LMFAO, +rep

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