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I made hash and it's sweet!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Ok, I made some water hash recently and just smoked a small amount of it in a bowl of high mids in my bubbler. I am very fucked up.

    Here's how I made it:


    3 mason jars with screw on lids and removable covers.
    standard paper coffee filters.
    disposable gloves
    1/2 gallon chilled water
    old t-shirt
    grinder (with or without screen)

    Ok, so grind up about 1/16 to 1/8oz. of ganja (the same for whatever grade, you will get the same amount of hash per amount of bud you put in, the quality of the bud will just reflect the quality of the final product, not the amount). You can use stems, but grind them up. Don't use seeds, the seeds sink to the bottom of the jar accumulating with the kief. Pour it and as much kief as you can into one of the mason jars.

    Pour chilled water into jar with ganja in it until nearly filled. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds or more. The less finely ground, the more shaking is required. Let sit and do not move at all for about 10 to 15 minutes.
    Take a spoon and skim off the top of any leaves, hairs, debris, and buds and put it in another jar to be washed a second time.

    Take the original jar and pour all but 1 inch off the bottom either down the drain or through a coffee filter fitted onto the mason jar with the lids lip and the top removed. Pour more chilled water over the 1 inch of water. Shake for thirty seconds. Wait five to ten minutes.

    Meanwhile take the second jar with the skimmed off leaves, hairs and debris and pour more chilled water over it. Shake for thirty seconds. Wait five to ten minutes.

    Take the third and final jar. Seal a coffee strainer to the top somehow (rubber band, lip of top, etc.) Pour all three remaining mixtures over the coffee sieve (skimming each of leaves and debris before pouring through coffee filter). A fine golden sandlike mound will form in the center of the coffee filter. Go slowly as the filter is not the greatest at removing water. If water level hits the filter, carefully remove filter cradling the extract and pour water down the drain (the water is relatively non-psychoactive at this point and almost as clear as normal water).

    Take the t-shirt and squeeze the coffee filter with extract with the t-shirt until as much water that can be removed is removed. Be careful not to break the filter, but it's no big deal if you do, as long as the extract is not too wet. Take spoon once thoroughly pressed and remove chunks of still wet hash.

    Continue to press with hands. Put on disposable gloves at this point. The gloves serve two purposes:

    1). It will prevent your hands from sticking to the resin and removing trichomes.
    2). If kneaded by hand, the resin will stick to your skin and possible bruise it, it is that sticky.

    Be sure not to touch your eyes during this process as when the resin dries it definately has enough adherence to pull out the cornea of your eye if you handle the resin then touch your eyes. Be warned, this could permanently blind you if you just up and forget about this warning.

    If it is going well it will have the consistency of dry chewing gum after a while. Once you have squeezed out as much water as possible, take a lighter and continue to knead while heating it slowly with the lighter. If smoke arises, stop, it is somewhat dry on the outside.

    For more efficient drying, break it up after this stage and reform it while lighting the edges once one solid block. Continue to do this until satisfied.

    If you wish for lower quality hash (don't know why but just for those who like a milder hash), skim less leaves and bud off the top when pouring through final coffee sieve.

    Note: I've heard that water extracted hash is extremely vulnerable to rapid decomposition, meaning it loses potency quickly. Either consume hash immediately or do a very very thorough job of drying it before storing it. If dried completely, I believe it will last about 2 weeks in potency if kept in a cool dark area, possibly longer if in a fridge or freezer. Air tight containers are preferred when storing this kind of hashish, but you must make sure it is dry.

    This is my basic expansion upon the works of Sadhu Sam's Secret, who was the supposed first person in history to develop a sound and cheap way of creating water hash during the seventies.

    Anyways, it's not the best hash in the world I'm sure, but it is pretty good considering the ease and cheapness of the materials involved.

    Please note when smoking this kind of hash that it is very VERY condensed even if dried thoroughly and it is advised to smoke it in the middle of a bowl, sandwiched inbetween two beds of ganja.
  2. sweet mate! hash is always good :)

    wouldn't worry too much about the "ease and cheapness of the materials involved", as long as there's some kief on it. the best morrocan hashish is made from junk weed. males and females are rarely separated, leaving plants full of seeds. on top of that they are sun-dried in bunches on the flat roofes of houses
  3. the kind of bud I used has a fifty fifty couchlock head high (indicating either an equal sativa-indica influence or a well placed harvesting time). Interestingly enough though, when extracted through water, the head high becomes more pronounced while the couch lock becomes less pronounced. both are still prevalent, just that the head high is more prominent. I'm not sure why. The high also lasts alot longer than standard bud and is alot smoother coming down than bud.

    btw, I'd say from a sixteenth of high mids, I got about .25 to .35 gram of medium quality water hash, just to give you a general idea of yield.

    I wish I could sell some of it to make some profit, but I'm afraid that seems too high profile as many people around campus now know I'm a local stoner/ganja enthusiast which has created some varying amounts of controversy around campus since I presented a paper in a relatively popular class calling for the end of cannabis prohibition.

    my roomies were ok with the occasional toke, but when they saw that I could make hash, some of them asked me if I really needed to get that high and to please make it in privacy next time (i made it in the kitchen in the late evening and they didn't like the smell, which was mildly prominent, though it did not linger longer than two minutes after I cleaned up).

    Anyways, one of my roomies wanted to try it cuz he had never smoked hash (just bud) before and so he took a hit and got pretty ripped (i needed four hits to get pretty out there).

    His girlfriend came by an hour later and hung out. Fifteen minutes after she came over she knocked on my door and told me not to get her boyfriend that stoned anymore, lol. I was all like "hey, it's not my fault, he wanted to try it and I'm not going to stop him, but I'll make sure to watch him more carefully from now on if that would make you feel better."

    Anyways, it was somewhat of a heated confrontation between me and various people, but I'll just do it more discreetly next time so it's not so much in everybody's faces I guess.
  4. my friend just made some hash, and he didnt fuck around he got the gallon size bubblebags and got about 3grams from moldy bud and trimings, the hash is crazy good.
  5. very detailed, good post.

    it sucks that ur roommates and people that hang out with them arent into weed like u. both of my roommates smoke like i do, its awesome.
  6. Wow, those people really can't handle their hash.
  7. Face of a yank when they first see hash... :eek:
  8. i'm nervous about moving into my apartment next year. one of my friends got busted so he doesnt really get near it much anymore and the other is kinda scared of getting caught as well so i dunno how lax they will be of me smoking in the apartment lol.

    one day i'm sure this condensed guide to making hash will come in handy for me :) thanks!
  9. cool posts guys, yes, I woke up this morning and had the craziest afterglow ever, it was like being high but being still able to function, like I had no pain in my neck and was in a good mood, but I could handle driving and functioning as if sober, which normally isn't the case with bud since the high is shorter lived and is very intense.

    But I just had a bowl of some high mids now just as the high was about to end entirely and now I'm blown out of my brains again, lol.

    But I just opened the mason jar of hash today and smelled it and it smells really really rank, which is both good and bad, I hope it doesn't go bad on me too soon, I want to share with some friends in a couple of weeks. But yes, later late tonight I'll be broiling up a 70 percent bud 30 percent hash bowl again mmm. And then the rest gets saved for the friends session.
  10. yeh I know what you mean. I went over to a friends of mine once and we smoked some so cali kush and it was dank. It was really cool though cuz all three of the guys go to school with me and they live together and smoke a decent amount of chronic all the time. I can't handle their weed I'm afraid to say, I'm too used to mids.
  11. maybe because when exctrascted it focuses more on the THC and not so much the cannabinoids? just a guess, though.
  12. yeh that's my thought too, but I can't be too sure. While it removes a great deal of cannabinoids because cannabinoids exist more inside the leaves of bud. For some reason indicas have been more popular for hash making despite the fact that they have higher cannabinoid content than thc usually and is thusly less heady in high. But I think the reason for this is simply that kief seems to fall off indicas more easily than sativas in my experiences from varying stashes of varying qualities and strains (which doesn't make me an expert or anything, it's just a notice in differences in highs as well).

    Also, I just realized a little tidbit that might be interesting to try. Save your yellowest water from the water extraction and use it as bong water. It smells like bud and will probably leave an interesting taste in your mouth if you smoke through it . . . just a thought though, I threw mine away but if I do this again I'll definately save some for some cannabis flavored bong water.
  13. I've been trying to find a real cheap and easy way to make hash and it sucks your roomies dont smoke because they don't know what they're missing out on.
  14. I would like to try that with the leaves surrounding the new flowers coming in on a female. What did you use to grind with? I've a small coffee bean grinder, actually it has rotating knives. Been using that to mix the pipe resin and last dabs of smoke together. End up with a black gooey (consistancy of chewed gum) ball that gets me to almost the same level as the initial weed did..not quite but close....thanks

  15. What the fuck. That was pretty dickish.


  16. Yeah man nailed it :rolleyes:
  17. Really Nice Guide.
  18. I guess he ninja edited his post?

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