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I made cannabutter and my weed turned black..

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by blazep, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, so i made some butter and my weed turned black i think i kinda overcooked it lol so my thoughts are because i didn't decarboxylate the weed before i put it in the butter i'm just thinking because i kinda overcooked it the decarboxylation process already happened?
  2. my marijuana turned black so i threw it away. any thoughts on this?
  3. It might've been ok, but it's probably overcooked, which converts thc into yukky cbn. Dark brown/black is typical for the oils I make with already decarbed herb.
    You can decarb in oil, but most people avoid this because it's not as efficient as air decarb. I have no proof for this statement, just an inkling picked up over time from many places. Many people disagree with me, but I consider decarb to be the most dangerous part of edible making, which is why I got the device advertised here Decarb Myths Debunked
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  4. So what color is the butter? You didn't throw it away, too, did you? The material darkens considerably during heated extraction and doesn't influence anything unless it scorches.

    If you had used oil instead of butter you could have decarbed it post-extraction in a 240°F oven for 2 hours. Unfortunately, you can't get butter that hot without ruining it although you might be able to use ghee or clarified butter to attain that temperature for that long. :)
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  5. I didn't throw away any off the butter i ate the whole thing it was great cant wait for next time to even make it better
    i'm still saying that i didn't decarb the weed but butter came good kinda doubting the myth about decarb
    i'm about 100% that when you cook weed with butter decarb happens slowly
  6. Decarb is not a myth.
    You just described your decarb method, which is to heat the herb in oil, instead of in air.
    Decarb converts non-psychoactive thc-a into psychoactive thc.
    There are many different methods for doing this, including yours. Some are better than others.
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  7. what i did is soaked my ground up bud in vodka coz its the clearest alcohol i had at the time and then add butter and soaked bud in the cooker slow cooked it for about 3 hours then i did a terrible mistake i added more butter in the already hot butter and it kinda burned my bud to the end so i figured i shouldn't cook it more i strain it and put in the freezer had a bit of a burned popcorn taste but it was a strong high
  8. It is far easier and more efficient if you decarb the ganja first in the oven, then add the ganja to the oil / butter the recipe calls for, then add that to the recipe.

    Lecithin is another way to get your edibles to hit harder. A teaspoon per 3.5 grams of ganja seems to work for me as well as liquid mixing better if you'll be using it immediately.
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  9. never tried to mix anything else i just added alcohol to get the thc out..
    the only thing im thinking is if i decarb there is a chance i will loose valuable cannabinoids
  10. Yup, that can be an issue. That's why you need to get the process down. Once you have the decarb down you'll be making all sorts good of shit.
  12. No telling. Give it a try. Good luck.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Two 15 grams piles of kief before decarb
    Back from decarb it's darkened a bit and it's had the whole neighborhood smelling of something delightful.
    The few Terpens lost from the decarb is more then made up for in the full activation of the THC.

    The usual amounts of oil and lecithin.
    You can see the Kief is turning almost black where it's contacted the oil. Normal stuff.

    Decarb first. Trust us it makes a real difference. If you think your butter is strong now it'll be 5 times stronger with a proper decarb.

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  14. The Yoda of edibiles has spoken.
    Nothing left to be said.
    Read his stuff just like it's the King James Bible and you won't go wrong.
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  15. Yadi is a new weed for me. Love the after effects.
  16. What are your "usual amounts of oil and lecithin you use in 1/2 oz aka 15g of flower or whatever you have?

    Thanks in advance!
  17. BadKats recipe is what many of us use and that is what you see.

    Decarb first 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered.

    5 grams decarbed Kief or Hash or Powdered Buds
    1 tablespoon Coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 Minutes
    Freeze (optional)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (optional)

    I usually make the triple batch shown.
    15 grams of Kief
    3 tablespoons Coconut oil
    1 1/2 teaspoons Lecithin.

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  18. It's still very strong with Powdered Buds . It's just 3x that strong with Kief or Hash. Really Potent stuff.

    Grind the decarbed buds to flour fine dust. It should make Mud. If it won't add just a touch more oil at a time until it's a mud pie. Bake it 220 F for 20 Minutes

    1 drop = 1mg with buds.

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  19. 3 tablespoons of this will have about 750mg per tblspn so 2250mg in it.

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  20. Ok, Great, going to try this in the next week. I just did 3/4 lb of unsalted butter clarified. I then added 7 g of decarbed flower (train wreck ) and cooked for 3 hrs on stove over low heat with 3/4 c of water so it wouldn't burn. I only ended up with 8 oz of butter by weight, which I added to a oatmeal raisin cookie mix. Eating now so will let y'all know what kind of a buzz I get!

    I have several strains which includes 3 or 4 lbs of train wreck and at least 2 lbs of gelato. I also have some others like clones which didn't produce as much so only 1/2 lb of each. Love smoking but it gets old so this will work for a while!

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