I made an Android app so you'll never forget 4:20 again...

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  1. Heya folks,

    Im new to grasscity, but I was just looking for folks that might appreciate and use my latest free Android app, fourtwentytime. It's a once-per-day reminder alarm for your next smoke session with a wide-range of customizable notification options.


    Some features:

    • Set your own custom 4:20 time.. before a tv show, movie, wake and bake, anything really.. (defaults to 4:20 pm)
    • Set a warm-up reminder 2, 5, 10 minutes prior in order to 'get ready' for your session (defaults to 5 mins)
    • Repeat your alarm daily, weekends, weekdays, or set your own days (defaults to every day)
    • Set your own notification text, sound, vibration, and led color/frequency (defaults to system defaults)
    • Share your session (from the alarm pop-up screen) to facebook, twitter, anything that allows it

    Android Market Link
    My website/other apps

    Since this is a beta release, please be sure to read through the known issues. If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, pm or email me! :)

    Hope you enjoy!

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