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  1. As most of you GC regulars know, my illnesses cause me great pain, and I shake a lot. For those reasons, I will often use a simple thumb roller to roll my joints. Especially if I'm going to roll several at once for travelling or other such purposes. I used the same TOPS roller for more than a year, and literally wore it out. The corner of my roller finally broke off the other day, leaving me to roll only by hand.

    Inclement weather prevented me from replacing my roller right away. So I had no choice but to roll by hand for a few days. Only an issue when my hands just won't work, which is often when it is cold, as the seasons play a great role in the severity of my symptoms. (It takes me several minutes just to type my posts here on GC.)

    I finally got around to purchasing a new thumb roller the other day, and I made a stunning discovery. Zig Zag rollers don't work nearly as well as the cheaper TOPS rollers. When using the TOPS roller, it only took an average amount of mj to roll the perfect joint. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the Zig Zag roller. I have to stuff that roller with as much cannabis as will fit in order to get an even, tight roll. Otherwise, the paper just keeps rolling back out the other side. The result is usually a joint as thick as my pinky, and that's just not necessary

    I know that TOPS brand has been around for many years, but I was always led to assume that Zig Zag made everything better. Such is not the case for thumb rollers, I've found. I just thought I'd pass that along in case others may be thinking of using a manual rolling machine. I wonder, though, does anyone here use thumb rollers? If you do, have you used both TOPS and Zig Zag, or either of the two? If you use the ZZ machine, do you have the same issues I seem to be having? Perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong.
  2. meh zigzag is just another brand name and yes tops rollers work better i have one
  3. Yea I dont know why one would assume that ZigZag does things so different then other established brands like TOPS.
    Are these two rollers that you have made with any different materials?

    I have a RAW kingsize roller thats made with hemp plastic which is really cool. It doesnt need a lot. I also have a regular sized no name brand roller.

    An off topic question, if you will: Have you tried vaporizing? I have seen your posts around here, Pearl, and you seem to be suffering from some condition(no need to go into details if you dont want) that you use cannabis to help treat. I was just wondering. Have a nice day :wave:
  4. I have tried to switch to vaping, but vaping doesn't seem to help me the way regular smoking does. I have deep muscle pain, and sometimes pain in my bones. When I vape, I don't get the same relief for some reason.

    I'm actually glad you mentioned this because I've been meaning to bring it up. I think I may be using the wrong vaporizer. Mine doesn't have a temp control, and it doesn't use a bag or globe, just a whip. I didn't think that a vape was supposed to nearly char the cannabis the way mine does. I think I'm either hitting it too hard, or the element in the machine is getting too hot.

    Believe it or not, I want one of the older models with the glass dome. I watched a video of a girl who makes Rick Simpson's hemp oil with her dome vape, and I think that is the medicine I truly need. I've actually been kicking around the idea of quitting smoking my herb, and just making that oil. As it is now, just smoking, I'm not getting any better physically. Mentally, I'm at the top of my game...I think. :eek: But physically, I'm barely maintaining, and recently I'm having more bad days than good. The holiday rush took so much out of me I ended up in the hospital. And today it was expressed to me that I might need to prepare myself to give up my driver's licence very soon. That's got me a little depressed, to say the least. So I have to do something. Something has to change. Every day I'm losing more and more of my freedom and independence.
  5. If you switched over to BHO today and bought a hashmasta kut curve you would never look back trust me.
  6. I'd roll your joints for you :( Also why don't you just buy glass?
  7. I got a zig-zag roller that is a quarter inch shorter than their papers.


  8. This is what I was wondering? It'd have to be better on your budget too, you go through a lot less bud using a bubbler than rolling joints.
  9. Awe, thank you. I do have glass, but it's not always practical. I do love my pipe! :love:
  10. How do you like the Ultra Thins? If I'm not rolling with Raws, I usually go with those.
  11. I have both the ZZ and the Top roller and I was also surprised of the quality difference. I now only use the Top (when I'm not rolling by hand). You really should try some concentrates and see if that helps your medication process at all.
  12. Your absolutely right, Pearl! You are probably not using the right vape for YOUR needs!!

    Go to FC(fuckcombustion.com) and start reading!! Its the only way to find which model is REALLY right for YOU!

    I think you would like something that is on the higher end of the temperature spectrum.

    Its very important that you do research so that you dont end up with a shitty vape that is low quality, made with unsafe materials, and will only make you sicker(this is critical if your using for medical purposes whatsoever).

    I hope I can help in any way possible! Good luck and feel free to let me know if youve got questions(though like I said, FC would be better for anything vapor related!)
  13. i fend the Zen roller to be pretty good
    comes in different sizes
    and also has extra belts

    only problem ive had??

    my belt stretched out from rolling alot.

    rolls big, small, medium,
    and everything inbetween.

    its a good deal.
  14. I totally agree with NYC, FC has loads upon loads of info and is a great community in general. Based on what you explained about trying a vape it just sounds like you weren't at a high enough temp for that body high that you need.
  15. I love those Ultra Thins. I don't like the thicker papers at all. I can tell a big difference in taste between the thicker papers, and any thin rolling paper. OCB, I think that's what they're called, also makes a good ultra thin, but stores stopped selling them around here. I don't know why. GC sells them though, or they did. I haven't looked in the shop since before Christmas.

    To NYCdeisel, and everyone else, thanks so much for the info about vapes. I will definitely check out that website. I have to admit, I was really disappointed when my vape didn't help me the way that I'd hoped it would. I had read and heard so many great things about vaping in general, I really had my hopes up. Still so many very experienced smokers insist that vaping is by far the best way to use medicinally, I knew I must be either doing something wrong, or I have the wrong vape. So I'm going to start looking for a new vaporizer right away.
  16. Zigzag makes fuck all better and their papers may be cheap but they're awful.

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