i made a relaxin playlist n i need some suggestions.

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  1. So I made a playlist of relaxing songs, not nesecarily for smokin but you know. So the idea is to relax you then at the end it should just put you to sleep but i need suggestions as to the order of the songs and maybe some other songs i should put in there. Oh yeah im tryin to keep it around an hour.

    listen to it

    last time i used that hosting site n people thought it was a virus. but trust me it isn't i checked it and it worked fine. o yeah its really big so i used bit torrent. heres a good one.


    I'll seed it for a couple days or as long as i can.

    I was wonderin if the CD track markers in Mixcraft will make it so you can click next and it will go to the next track. If it doesnt work I'll put in where each track starts when I finish this.

    Edit: heres the track list.

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