I Made A Pc Grow Case

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Monte_Cristo, May 21, 2013.

  1. I made a grow case because being on here has given me grow fever. I'm about to order seeds, any suggestions. 
    Case has a about a foot of grow space once the container is in, which is perfect for what I want. 
    Heres a pic. Sorry its so shitty, I had to take it with my computer hehe.
    Photo on 5-20-13 at 7.14 PM.jpg

  2. What lights do you plan on using? Ventilation? What seeds?
  3. Theres an intake and exhaust fan at the top and the bottom that I am quite fond of. And for lights I am using 100 Watt 5500K CFL and 100 Watt 3500K CFL
    Seeds are pineapple express and some type of Cheese.They were both supposed to be good for short spaces.
    I'm very very very excited.
  4. sounds awesome man. you going to lst? I definitely would in a pc case. also, what lumen output do the lights have? and are you going to be using them both at the same time?
  5. well I've only got a foot of grow space (including lights and the pot itself[started with 17"]) and I'm growing a strain called black sugar it averages out at 14-17 In. Mine will end up about 13-14In with a little leaning and ScrOGing.
    Black sugar is indica dominant but has a high like a sativa. When I harvest in a few weeks I'd be more than happy to let you know if it's the kind of strain you're interested in.
  6. Updates! 
    After doing some research I've decided to take out the foil I was using and go by some camping blankets made of mylar. I've also adjusted the placement of the power strip to the top of the back wall, outlets facing the opening, this allows me to have a whopping THREE lights going at once (all of the same type). I also made an opening that I'm mounting a thermometer on that can be read without opening.
    This is the first time I'm doing anything like this, I've never grown before. Setting this thing up has been so much fun and I can't wait to see if it works out.
    Doormouse, definitely let me know how that black sugar works out, as I plan on growing with this thing for a while =)
  7. Lumens are 1600 for both type
  8. for sure :D
    by the way, if you haven't already gone out, I'd buy a sunshield from autozone(they're also made of mylar) instead of a blanket. they're easier to place and won't cause any hotspots(seeing as you can't wrinkle them)
  9. If this works I'm gonna post sooo many pictures of my cats with weed
  10. Alright man, looks good, you need to pay attention to temps, 3 lights is good but may be too hot given your case, fans can only cool so much! Run your set-up for a few days to get it right. Also get some cheap seeds first as your first attempt may not go as planned, better saving good seeds for when you've got a grow under your belt, get some free bag seeds if poss! My first grow was with a pc case, 1st one i over watered XD, but my second (bag seed) went all the way to smoke! Keep it up and good luck dude!
  11. Anyone have any suggestions on how to manage temperature? I was figuring cold packs inside the unit itself as well as next to the intake fan. My ideas stop there though haha. 
    Gimme all the advice you can. If I get this right the first time that would be a huge boost in morale. I'm SUPER stoked about trying to grow the Pineapple Express, for reasons that I think are pretty obvious =P
  12. Ice packs inside the case might be a bit of overkill, not to mention it will create cold spots in the case. You want the temperature in the case to be consistent throughout.  
    Honestly I'd flip the fan around and turn it into an exhaust so that the fan pulls air out of the case instead of trying to push it through, or add a second fan for exhaust on the other side of the case. without proper ventilation an intake fan will just circulate air in there whereas an exhaust fan will pull the heat out. At least it's what I did for my case and it's working out well for me so far.
  13. Thanks Doormouse. I put an exhaust fan in and I have a third fan on standby that I can install if things get too hot.
    Also I checked my seed order and it looks like I ordered something called Sugar Black Rose. Is that the strain you were talking about?
  14. no but they are often confused. Sugar black rose is a decently short strain(not as short as black sugar) as it is indica dominant (80/20 blend) and has a growth cycle of about 50 days(very short) while still putting up something like 17% thc. you may actually want to try it as your first grow assuming you can't get your hands on any bagseed. 

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