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I made a mini water pipe, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Juzt1n, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. I was really bored and decided to try and make a bong, but I couldn't find anything big enough, but this is how it turned out.


    Thats one of those little $2 alcohol bottles, if you couldn't tell

    I've never used a bong before and the directions on this website don't seem like it would work with a bong this small, weed fits in it, is there any reason not to use it?
  2. U can use it but its small as fuck, use it as a one hitter
  3. How did you make a hole in the glass??
  4. Hahahaha cool as fuck man.. Really tiny though. :)
  5. it's plastic, but it's some kind of incredibly strong plastic, I had a hard time making that hole =P

    How far do you guys think I should fill up with water?
  6. Only time id ever use that is for poppers.
  7. you bought this at a head shop lol
  8. Ha pretty sick man. And to nb you need a drill but most of the time those things are plastic
  9. Fill it up to where the downstem is under the water
  10. To prove I made it, look at where the hole is, you can see a shit load of super glue, lmao
  11. I have made water bottle bongs in the past and use tin foils with little holes for the screen and a metal bottle cap for the bowl. Put maybe a quarter cup of water in it then pack the bo light and inhale deeply through the top of the bottle.
  12. In order to drill a hole in a glass bottle, you need a diamond drill bit.
  13. Or chuck norris with a drill bit attachment.

  14. The Chuck Norris meme is more dead and tired than "All Your Base"

  15. that doesn't make chuck norris any less awesome.
  16. Looking good! If that's a wine cork with cork in it still I'd be worried about that burning under a good rip, long as it's fire ready your good to go.

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