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    Yo blades, I been working on a few little Android/ios projects and this is a simple space invaders style rip with some pretty good music.
    ts free, no in app purchases and no advertisments, would really appriciate you guys taking a look 
    Android version:
    Update*** :) After plenty of messing around got this little ditty on the App store for all the iPhone blades...
    iPhone Version:
    Check it out and let me know!!! Its 10 levels of increasing difficulty, first dude on here to complete and tell me what the final message is, I'll post out a free T :) ha ha...

  2. anyone gonna try my game :) ha ha.. If you do I'll take a fat dab for you ;-)
  3. Installing now will let you know my opinion if I remember. Little burnt out Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
  4. [quote name="Sherak" post="19255588" timestamp="1388446880"]anyone gonna try my game :) ha ha.. If you do I'll take a fat dab for you ;-)[​IMG][/quote]is that a matrix?
  5. Na its a cheap imitation however it is a good imitation.
    TY to the blades who checked out the game, noticed a couple of DL's from the US and one from Canada... Im gonna be doing a big change to it later today and adding a leaderboard for scores.
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    You can tell where people downloaded it from? Sweet I'm the only Canadian that downloaded it. Surprised Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
  7. I'll download it when I'm on my android
  8. You know when it'll be in the AppStore?I know it can be up to 3 weeks or longer..friggin Apple...
  9. Well this last few days I've overhauled it, I got all sidetracked with the level select and rating which tbf for this kind of game is bullshit, Ive turned it into an old school space invaders, level progression score battle and am also adding a google play/game center leader board.
    Its a lot more fun and focuses the challenge on one specific thing.
    All going to plan I will submit the app tonight and I belive it can take up to a week for app store, instant for google play! Apple assholes :) 
    Once done and complete I am gonna run a little comp, first person to complete I will post out a free Bass Invaders T shirt :)
  10. Download complete
  11. Shit, sorry man, there is a bug in the version that is live at min, will prob crash if you shoot Bass Dude after the fifth level. Im gonna update it soon as I get in from work in a few hours
  12. I'll take a shirt :)Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
  13. Damn its hard :eek:Sent from my Nexus 7 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    My record is 72 points and I'm starting to become frustrated! =(Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
  15. Nice! :) Dunno if I already mentioned but I made it intentionally hard, its harping back to the old donkey kong pac man era. Thing is like any of them there is a pattern and once you've got it you can fire through trying to best score it or fast run, im gonna add a timer. Here is a run through..
  16. cool game, I don't have a smartphone, but looks like a fun lil thing to play when you're bored. :) 
  17. Downloading now budSent from my C6606 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    So what is everyone else's records? OP what is your record lol? Also OP Idk if it varies from level to level but if it doesn't can you add more music when you have the time? And another thing, when you kill the Big invader that drops big fish you should make it then when you kill him you get a power up - double shot, triple, beam shot, pulse shot, speed upgrade so you move faster, more lives, Could you add this to the future update : after you beat a level you stay where you were and don't teleport to the left side of screen, I keep dying from beating a level than getting spawn killed. I'm just thinking of the top of my head let me know what you think Sent from the SGS3 within the hippie circle!
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    Nice one for the support blades!...
    Some good ideas there chicken, My record is currently about 210, the googleplay leaderboard will be on soon thou so will give it some focus.
    The music changes at level 6, I was gonna put new music in every level but found 5 seemed to work once you got comfortable with the game and were going for speed runs or points.
    The whole basinvaders project was a project used to get me up to speed with the software and the publishing process, publishing a Apple game on IOS has been a fuckin bitch!!! but just managed to get an upload today!!! after hours of messing about, 
    I will tkae those ideas onboard for when I start to add to bass invaders but I am going back to working on this.
    Its caled "Dont shoot or I'll poop".... Help with ideas developing and testing will be greatly appriciated.

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