I made a couple wood pipes.

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  1. Thought I'd show off a couple of the pipes I made in my shop, while waiting for my weed to finish flowering. :). Seems there are people that like smoking from wood, but wood isn't so common these days.

    All of the following were made by me, using simple tools in my shop, by hand, and made with locally sourced fruitwoods.. much of which came from my own yard. All sealed with linseed or tung oils and natural raw beeswax.

    Thanks for checking them out!

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  2. Isn't wood like flammable? Wouldn't smoking out of them cause you to inhale wood smoke :confused_2:
  3. I would be more worried about the type of glue used on the multi-wood pieces when burned
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  4. Some nice craftsmanship for sure
    You have a talent
  5. Years ago wood pipes are all we smoke out of, but I would imagine glass or stone would leave no off gassing like the wood could .
    Im still here so the wood did not kill me
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  6. The wooden pipes are made from very hard wood and does not combust as much as you think.
    I use to smoke a regular tobacco pipe and a new one would need to be seasoned . ( smoke in it for a while to break the inside of the bowl in) , Many people who smoked pipes smoked from wooden pipes back in the day.
    That is normal tobacco pipes.
    I have inhaled more wood smoke from my indoor firebox during the winter so I believe it is fine.
    The glue is what would concern me though.
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