I made a BONG, whut should i name it?

Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. It's a clear plasitc bong thats about a foot and a half tall. I had it going and everything but it started to leak and the base was shitty as fuck so i'm taking the base off, my dads getting a steal plate from work that i'm gonna use. I'm use some of this liquid steal stuff that i got at wall mart. After i glue it i'm going to paint the base black, but i want the bong to stay clear except of resin. I'm going to post pics when its done if i find my camera. Well whut should i name it though, is it a boy or girl, I thinkin of naming it norm.
  2. norm works. =)

  3. Zebedee from the magic roundabout!
  4. now i'm waiting for my dad to get home so i can finnish it, i got like 3 hours. Well i have a on/off valve for the carb that i gotta put in, i think i'm going to use a hot glue gun for that. I don't like carbs i use slides or nothing at all. But the valve i got will be neat, i'm not sure if i should keep it polished brass or paint it black because the base will probably be black. I want everything painted before its glued to the bong.

    But until then i gotta keep myself active, i tried talking to a friend online but i told her i was smoking a bowl and she got mad, so i duno. I made a list for walmart, i gotta get a ride there for, flours, soil, fan, and timer, i wonder whut rays doin. Well ... I need soil for poppys, fours for my bedroom, i do wanna check out the fans for a growroom though and see how much timers are, i have a old timer i think i'm going to replace with something new. Its not being used right now i hope it keeps working. well i gotta get working
  5. NORM?!?!?!?!...surely not after me...of course not..what was i thinking :(...or maaybe so..
  6. I like the name norm, if i ever have a son i might name him norm, or rollen, or token.
  7. id rather be called norm than norman...i like weed
  8. i like weed too... lots of weed

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