I LST'd but didnt top! *pics*

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  1. Look at her, isnt she pretty? I didnt top her and her branches are growing at the same speed as her main cola

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  2. Looking good man, CFLs ftw, and the government paying for part of them so I only pay .50. God I love this country. :D
  3. Why not top while LST'ing? Thats like shitting and not wiping.

    But regardless, looking good.
  4. I don't wanna stunt her any by toppin her, and since her side branches are growing at the rate they are, I don't see why not topping her is a bad thing :p

    This plant is 21 days old.
    Day 12 of sexing (no signs yet)
  5. Nah dude ur totally fine dont listen everyone, that gives u advice on here shes doing fine look at my past threads she started as a little tiny bud and look at her in this new thread!
    http://forum.grasscity.com/general-...ey-tore-her-down-they-said-kill-thisjoke.html, this is without a topping dude u have over 40 different head sites and there all doing fine without topping! i just lsted em until they touched the dirt which i think personally brings out more tops! give superthrive every other feedings and MG fert and MG bloom booster and 1 1/2 tbl of molasses she super fuckin sticky and really big. dont worry bout topping them though if u want a little more concentrating on ur main cola experiment a little on ur own and soon ulll start to understand things. but from my own advice ur doing pretty good!
  6. Ya i think not topping her will give her bigger colas in the end....
  7. I lsted one of my plants a didnt top and it was a small cfl grow, in 3 weeks i had 15 flower sites already and more growing under, but had to pull it was a boy :( :confused: :eek:
  8. good god. what a shame bro.

    im praying PRAAAAAAAYING that this one will be a girl.
  9. I'm currently doing the same thing, but I've read that topping it makes it have two main stems so more buds, but since these have smaller branches they are also going to have smaller buds. If you top you are also basically getting rid of your most potent part of the harvest, but you get a tad bit more. If you don't top you'll have big buds and keep the most potent part. I'm actually experimenting with this. I'm not topping, but periodically pruning to increase branching. Just when leaves get too big. Don't want to give up the best bud on my first harvest if I can help it. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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    IMO, Not topping w/ a cfl grow is a bad idea. You need the lights so close to have any decent effect and by not topping it, you are limiting how low your light can go by how tall the main grows. Basically, you'll be growing a main cola and the rest of the plant will be week.

    Unless you load the sides with cfls',..in which case, if you're adding all that heat, I'd just go with an hps.

    I'd top it a few times personally.

    Just my 2¢

    you totally lost me here.

    When you top, you divide the main cola. Often times, such as in a scrog, this allows you to spread the plant out horizontally. What happens now is all that lower bud is brought up to the screen in a nice even canopy. It maximizes the footprint of the light (Huge with cfl's) Your gain comes from bringing all the lower bud up nice and even with the others so they get a lot bigger than they would have otherwise.

    Your main is now divided into 4 buds,6,8,10 buds, however many, depending on how many times you top it, didn't go anywhere, didn't lose potency, it just got divided, allowing you to now lower that light.

    back to the OP- If you don't want to totally flatten out the plant as you would in a scrog, then just top it a few times and make a bush. Still a better alternative, again,..IMO,...than a straight grow with cfl's unless you're geared up already to do that with decent lumens available.
  11. Hello LBH:wave:

    You are awesome

    Wanted to ask, he posted up there somewhere that he didnt want to top becuase he was trying to sex this one and topping would slow him down by at least 10 days if not more..? It would make sense to lst until you get sex and if female in start pinching and doubling doubling

    On a side note that is semi related, I am trying to get some moms going for a fair number of clones, and was just having this delima. Do you top and or train your mom/moms? Do you have a mom I guess should be my first question. What if you scroged your mom? That would be cool, you could just mow the lawn if you need cuts and under shit would grow up to replace. Be just like real grass, like lawn grass.:smoke:
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    Sorry LBH didn't mean to lose you. I'm new to growing and this is my first grow so I'm just working with what I've been researching. I wasn't trying to give an exact answer just an opinion on what I'm doing and from all the research I've done. I know that it splits the main cola (guess I shouldn't have used the word branches) and now that I've had more time to research it you're right about potency (sorry for the misinform, but I was misinformed as well), but with topping there will be smaller colas so the xl cola you would have if you didn't top is turned into two large colas so on and so forth with each topping which I've read is why you shouldn't top more than twice. (whats funny is I just realized you are the person I'm quoting because I've read most of your tutorial for lst even though its 36 pages long now haha) This being my first grow I really want to see that xl cola instead on my lst only plant.

    If I did decide to make a cut on the main stem which I will with my 3 seedlings I'm currently raising up to join my lst plant I still don't think I would top though. For those I'm bringing up I think I'm going to use fimming so I would have 4 branches instead of the 2 split. Which is pretty much what you said to do on your guide except you called it topping. Heres a link for the differences in topping and fimming.

    Fimming and Topping of marijuana seeds plants or cannabis clones

    and also another link as to why to fim instead of top


    I am in no way trying to correct you at all because I know you are dead on with your info. I just don't want to seem like I didn't know what I was talking about in my original post. Also I just have to say your 4 way lst guide was great. It really helped me a lot and for the 3 seedlings thats probably what I will follow. Thank you very much for that guide and all the info.

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