I loves me some dextromethorphan.

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  1. DXM is the epiphany chemical for me and I had the most incredible time last night. I am rather light and I took 300 mgs of DXM which is around 6 mg/kg for me. At the height of the dissociation and dissolution into ethereal wonder, I smoked a bowl. You know when you're high, you get that tunnel feeling? Last night, I got to the end of the tunnel, I think. It was pretty blissful and such.
  2. What a coincidence, lol. I also did 300mg of DXM with some weed too last night. Was a very fun time =]It felt as if I was in another world for 5 hours I had a bit of a renewing sense when i came down. =P
  3. wait till you hit the third plateau and the world you thought you knew shatters around you. . .

    thats some cool shit right there
  4. nothing beats that feeling of lying in bed towards the end of a robotrip and finding the meaning of life
  5. Yeah dxm sent me into this world where I was just a camera behind myself. I could fly in the air and I ran up stairs a lot, just watching myself.

    I was in my basement with all lights off with sunglasses on to block out all the light. :cool:
  6. yea dxm made me shit my pants..twice
  7. damn i had the craziest night with DXM

    i drank around 650 mlg's of or whatever the mesurment is of dxm then smoked 4 bowls of some dank shit to myself and drank around 2 shots mixed with a little couch medicine

    i was FUCKED UP

    i saw the street signs color slip off the sign into my body and once it touched me it was a full on body orgasm
  8. DXM can be fun...but after you do other psychedelics, you realize it kinda sucks.

  9. Unless you cant currently get those psychedelics....then its the shit once again
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  10. I got some Promethazine DM.That has DXM in it.I heard all you gotta do to get it all out is add Sodium bicarbanate or something along those lines.I will research it and see if it works and see what chemical you use for the process.

    Glad you had fun,next time take 100-200mg's more and you will be triping nicely.
  11. A few nights ago I slammed a bottle of robotussin
    I think it's about 350 mgs or something
    But I hadn't robotripped in like 5 or 6 months and it was great :)
  12. hahahahaha
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  13. *shivers* thinkin back on the times I did that shit in highschool. I think its safe to say fuck dxm. that shit is like in a whole new class, since meth is the trailer trash drug I wouldnt know what to say about dxm. LOL, MAYBE if you have it extracted in powder form but I dont know how to do that and I never found anyone that did. but thats too much work for an overall shitty drug.
  14. Thats your opinion my friend.I am not in school either.

    DXM can be fun,not very powerful but it is fun and does hold alittle recreational value.I have done dxm 2 times before at 450mg's and it was a light trip that was pretty fun actually.I will say its not near as good as mushrooms or lsd.
  15. Haha, yea. That's exactly how it is for me. Nothing better than going up to the store and spending $6 for a pretty decent trip.
  16. yu guys are just playin around. blast off with 900 - 1000 mg and see what happens. now thats a wierd time.
  17. i hate when people act like dxm is some kinda weak kiddy drug

    dxm will get you more fucked up than any drug out there with the right dose, and you can take a monster fuckin dose without ODing.. to get as high as you can off of dxm on other drugs, you basically have to take a damn near lethal OD.. mix some weed in with a 1200mg dose of dxm and you'll be outta this fuckin world
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    I almost died on dxm. Yea its a fun time YAY lets slow down our respiratory system. :rolleyes:
  19. dude, if u like dxm try 3 c's its straight dxm, nothing else, well maybe a little filler but other than that its straight
  20. ^^ err. wrong buddy, its got other shit that can be fatal

    n btw i OD'd on coricidins before too, so i know what almost dieing is like, although it didnt slow down my breathing so i dunno what your talkin about there

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