I love your imperfections...

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  1. yeah, same here...apparently i have "sad eyes" too to go with it, i couldnt even try to count the times that ive had to reassure someone repeatedly that i was fine:rolleyes:
  2. I fucking love when a guy has a unique chest.
    I've dated two guys that both had a little piece of extra bone on theirs.
    So incredible. :D
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    I have a gap between my two front teeth, crooked pinkies that are unable to straighten (more so on the left) and medically-confirmed "delayed reflexes." Whoo!


    Edit: To continue the topic of penis, my boyfriend's is two-toned, the largest I've seen (and he's the youngest guy I've dated), has a little freckle-like chickenpock scar, and bends slighlty toward him. :)

    I could recognize it no problem if given a set of penis-pictures.

    Hahaha, because I'm sure you all wanted to know that.
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    Well...All of my fingers/toes are bent into their own directions. (apart from big toes and thumbs) like my middle finger bends towards my ring finger and so forth.
    My left bicep grows taller and slimmer than my right bicep...Which i find weird...Also my left tricep is more rounded than my right...My right one sort of cuts off at the back...
    My teeth grow at difficult angles...I still have to get braces. They are just too big for my gum's...And it's really not attractive..
    EDIT: I also am unable to bend my fingers back, past a 45 degree angle.

    Other than that. I believe I'm normal. Peace.
  5. I have a freckle on the head of my penis. And like a "beauty mark" to the right of my nose and just above my lip. It's not discolored, though.. and doesn't really stick out but it's noticeable.
  6. boy do i feel bad for your boyfriend...
  7. I did.
    Dicks are fucking cool.
  8. I don't have flaws. I'm perfect.

    Just kidding :p. My thumbs bend all the way back to form a right angle. It's weird as hell. Also, My hair is freakishly straight. I have never in my life had a hairstyle that curved or waved in any way. Thin, straight, blond, hair. I used to be self conscious in high school because it would grow weird because it was completely straight.

    I also have a scar on my finger from when i was 3 my finger went through a metal can. It isn't that outstanding, but it is a scar :D
  9. I'm a dude and I have really long eye lashes. Like really long. My wife is always really jealous. When I close my eye, the lashes are so long they go down to where the bone is of my ocular cavity. I'd about 3/4 inch long at least. Also, I have really big forearms. Like Popeye forearms.
  10. i have a white birthmark somewhere that looks like england.
    and my thumb pops out...
  11. I have black eye... like the color part is black and you cannot see my pupils at all. Also I stutter... haha dont judge me. :hello:
  12. i have a 6.6 in penis erect haha is this small? :rolleyes: w.e and when its erect it kinda sway to the right and idk why it cant just stay straight :(
  13. I have a glass eye...

    Really though... I do. People don't believe in person, then I tap on it with my pen. I can take it out too.
  14. I don't know why guys trip so much about how straight their penis is.
    Most aren't perfectly straight.
    And sometimes a little curve is a good thing.
    Sometimes ones that's a little crooked hits certain spots better. Ha.
  15. My tongue is very large, and I have a few LARGE tastebuds. My fingers don't completely close together. My toes are slightly webbed.

    I'm a freak. :/
  16. people with darker hair are more likely to have curl because curl and dark are both dominant and pin straight and blonde are recessive.

    You were a chance. :]
  17. Please post a picture?
  18. I've always been a little jealous of people with webbed toes.
    When I was a kid I thought it would be the coolest thing because I was convinced that if I had webbed toes, I would be able to swim faster.
  19. Hehe, it's really not all that great. It's nice though, they're really sensitive to tickling, and that's always been great entertainment for my friends. "Hey, let's tackle Casey and tickle her till she can't breathe!"

  20. That's so adorable!
    I am again envious.
    I'm not ticklish AT ALL.
    I always think it's cute as hell when people are.

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