I love your imperfections...

Discussion in 'General' started by runrabbitrunx, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. if ur ever in my area look me up!:p
  2. Well hey, I would hope if I were in a bubble under your bed that I'd be in your area :p
  3. Agreed. :D
  4. I have a scar over my left eye. It runs right through my eyebrow. I never really thought about it but I guess it's pretty badass.
  5. That sounds lovely.
    Seriously, I love scars.
  6. well when im stoned one eye is bigger than the other
    and i look stoned well thats what non stoners say because their idiots when im actually stoned only my true stoner friends know im stoned :)

    oh and its because of my iron deficiency and i sleep real late.

    yeee lol idk if this is relevant but im a guy and ihave fairly large eye lashes NOT TOO BIG :|

    just slightly above normal and people want them haahah
  7. My eyes change colors depending on what i'm wearing. Its trippy.
  8. wow holy fuck you serious.
    give us an example im jealous of you man
  9. i have slightly big ears, my hands are extremely sexy, my eyes change colors from like...green to blue i believe...or hazel? i dunno...and my penis is gigantic.
  10. Haha. New rule: If you're going to say it's big or giant or anything, you have to say how big. Ha.
    Yeah, I'm a perv.
  11. Yeah like I haven't memorized which colors do what yet, but I've seen my eyes go from green to dark brown and they've been yellow before too. Idk its kinda weird but way cool.
  12. That's actually kind of how mine are too.
    They can either be grey, greenish, brownish, yellowish, orangish or, if I've been on a really giant drug binge, they get to be redish-purplish-brown.
  13. 10 inches. just kidding, it's only normal hahaha
  14. I have a normal penis

    EDIT: Just kidding Its freakishly large Haha
  15. I have really big hair. i guess its not really a quirk, but i think its my most outstanding feature. I keep it relatively short, but it just grows kind of...outwards. it looks like this guy from that anime:

    and as long as we're on the penis theme, mine is only slightly above average. It does have a sort of gangsta lean to the left though. it used to bother me, but i've seen way weirder looking dicks in porn, so I consider myself lucky. and the offset allows me to get a better grip with my right hand. HEY-OHHHH :cool:
  16. I masturbate with my left hand, but I do everything else with my right...

    I also have a heart murmur.
  17. inverted chest.
  18. LMAO:laughing::hello::laughing:
  19. Better for body shots?

  20. yea, i was kidding mine too lol....but i have the pouty mouth thing....god damn if i had a dime for every time somone asked me "whats wrong?"

    oh, actually, smack in the middle of my chest is a lil bone that sticks out...not out of the skin just a lil bump...it's weird and kinda makes me nauseus when i think about it haha

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