I love you guys (and gals)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lauren, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. I just wanted to say that this site is exactly what I have been looking for in an on-line community that is pro-pot!!! Thanks for takign the initiative to start the page and for keeping it going. I will make sure to tell everyone I know about this site and the positive effects that it has on my day! Please, everyone keep smilin'
  2. HIGH Lauren!! Welcome to the CITY!! New Blades are always welcomed with open arms here, one of the MANY reasons I enjoy this site so much Lots of warm, caring folks here, and from the sound of your intro, we've just gained another!!! Happy Token' to ya! :wave: :hippie: :smoking:
  3. Hey Lauren!

    Welcome to the city. Glad you're here can't wait to see a few posts. Take care of yourself.
  4. Another member.... Superjoint's plan is falling into place.... Bwahaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... uh u-huh oooh, ha, ho mmmmmm.

    Welcome to the city
  5. I usually don't surf the web that much but since I found this site yesterday, I have been having a lot of fun. Welcome to this wonderful place.
  6. You know some of us are planning on takin over the world or something like that. I think ganjaphish was on board. hmm at least an island.

  7. You must be joking! With all the support that you would get from fellow stoners and liberals, you should definately take over something larger than an island. I propose a plan.........

    Get rid of the Afganis and take over the COUNTRY! The entire US would support our decision in getting rid of the sand monkeys and you would gain a country rather than just an island.

    I've also thought of a way to make US airtravel safer and boost our economy...........(more kirked out thoughts by Lauren)
  8. I really like this site too! People are helpful and spirited, and they don't trash inexperienced folks for asking questions.

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