I love you all

Discussion in 'General' started by Jayohe12, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Bout to meet up with my new dealer outside of my school. We're about to trade inside of his car. Not only is this dangerous but the prices are high and he claims that it's super good. I cannot purchase more than an 8th because I barely know dude and he might rob me or something. Not that I'm scared or anything. Well a litte

    Its just the price you pay when you're dry. If i dont make it back tell my mama I love her.
  2. You tricked me with your title, I thought i found my love, good luck! soldier on. You'll make it home to momma. :love:
  3. I love you to Broski, don't forget to stay safe.
  4. I Thought this was going to be a thread where OP was having one of those "OH MY GOSH the world is so beautiful and people are so lovely" moments.
  5. Nah bruh I hate everything
  6. Good luck. Start smashing his face into his skull if he tries to rob you!
  7. First yell "He's coming right for us!!"

    Then smash.:cool:

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