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  1. Ok. So today, I got my pipe back from my friend. See I had been at a kickback a few weeks back. And I had mistakely left my pipe there. And i couldn't get it back because i didn't even know the person whose house it was. I had gone there with a frikkend who's friend was going to it. So it took me a while to get it back. So I hadn't had it for like a month. And I had tried a few other attempts with like blunts but the only wraps around here are fucking dry as fuck and the smoke shops are too confusing or there aren't any. So yeah I hadn't really been hnigh in weeks after smoking it pretty regularly. But my friend finally got it back and i picked it up from his house cuz i was going that way.

    So i drove home after picking it up from his house after work. During the drive home, I pulled out my pipe, and i could smell the weed and the smell was so intoxicatingly good. When I got home I had to wait for my mom to go to bed then i prepared my pipe. I went downstairs and was thinking it there cuz my room is close to my mom's and i thought she would check it and possibly catch me. So i went downstairs and was going to smoke outside but i was afraid i would get caught. So i went back up stairs putting my pipe in my pants scared that it would fall over and spill water on my shorts. So I went in my room. Turned on my frame. And lit up. It was amazing. I smoked 2 bowls. They had me high as a fucking kite.

    I went downstairs to eat and ate like a bunch of rice and chjicken wings from Charo Chicken. So good. Then I grabbed some peanut butter bars and Shrek Fruit Snacks. And headed back to my room. then i started eating them but like i had 3 fruit snacks and 2 peanut butter bars.. so I was thinking fs, pbb, fs, pbb, fs. So I wouldl switch off. But after my fruit snack i really wanted another one. But I said no, and ate a peanut butter bar instead. But then i wanted a peanut bar again. But i kept resisting it. And I DID IT. Kept alternating. And then on grasscity cuz i was so excited to tell this story.

    And now i've realized how boring this story is. Sorry for the people Who's time i wasted. I have made everyone dumber who reads this story. Ok Bye.
  2. wow that really was boring lol thanks
  3. see this here is dangerous and irresponsible keyboard abuse, right here. bravo:hello:
  4. This is more of a reply to the title of this thread: JOIN THE FUCKING CLUB
  5. =] i marijuana
  6. Thank you for making the bottom paragraph small so my eyes were attracted to it and I didn't have to read this apparently boring story.
  7. might be my high it probably is but I laughed at the fact you are so proud that you were able to alternate between fruit snacks and pb bars lol :hello:

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