I LOVE to tend to the babies ...

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  1. anyone else ENJOY tending to your "ladies" ?
  2. I'm waiting for my roommate to go to bed so I can go do some work in the attic. The girls are my main priority in my life. (is that bad?) Best hobby ever.
  3. I sat here for a good 5 minutes, trying to decipher the sexual innuendo in this thread.

    Then I realized where I was.

    Good times.
  4. Yeah I'm going to give the girls a good spray! lol
  5. I went and a took a good big woody clone from the bottom of a mature plant in celebration of this thread.

    I would say that clone has a 95%+ chance of one day being about 1-2 ounces of white widow.
  6. Every time I tend the girls its like going to the whorehouse on payday :)
  7. When my wife gave me an ultimatum...I told her I'd rather grow pot than be married to her. I think that point was pretty much the end of the marriage ROFL :smoke:
  8. While I think I would love tending to mine, there just isn't much to tend 2 at the moment. LOL. Running a DWC with the Lucas formula, in a grow tent with a 400 HPS. I go to look everyday, check my res level, take my readings (always spot on wit the Lucas formula), and I am done. No more tending to them needed. Its an empty feeling. They are on autogrow. LOL.

    But they are only just over 2 weeks old, so soon, they will be tall enough for the screen (doing a scrog) and then I will have some tending to do. :)

  9. +rep for being married to maryjane !

    she must be cheating on you !
    im married to a girl named maryjane also
  10. +rep to all the people who posted

    i needa get high
  11. They are my one true love lol.. I am a bit on autopilot at the moment but its kinda nice to sit back n watch my ladies growwww :D
  12. To the point of moving to a legal state year round where I can do more tending:D
  13. I would probably go postal if I didn't have my plants to take care of. It's so darned calming, definitely the best hobby ever. The big maintenence days are always highlights of the week.
  14. I DO LOVE MY GIRLS..:hello:

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    "iCultivate" dude next time you leave a comment on someones User CP, know what youre talking about. and when you speak dont act like you represent GC in any way shape or form. ur just another dude posting in forums just like me and everybody else. stay off my nuttz and "tend to your ladies" if you even have any...

  16. this results in more -rep.
    you sound like a little kid.
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    how does one sound like anything when typing over the internet? chuckles @ -rep...ur funny kid! :smoking:

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