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i love to masturbate when im high

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by vb757weed, May 30, 2009.

  1. like gettin with my gf and all is good when im high but for some reason after i smoke good weed i instantly get a woody goin and i feel like ackin off haha.. idk wierd im so high.. free porn anyone? :)
  2. Haha. You won't ever need viagra when you're 70, my friend. ;)

    Some chemical(s) in weed are vasodilators, so it will increase your blood pressure. But I think getting a boner and wacking off is more of a side effect of euphoria.
  3. go high jerking! :metal:

    Just be careful, don't want to start peeling the skin off your dick... :hide:
  4. Dude, me too.


    You do have to make an account with a real e-mail, but it really is free. Takes a bit of sifting, but there's some gems.
  5. that's awesome man me too.

    I like to go to Xtube, tnaflix, empflix, and xvideos. They have nice lengthy vids for free.
  6. youporn.com and xtube.com The bestest.
  7. haha yeah jackin its fun but real pussy is deeffinetely better.and theres definetely a rule against putting porn in the forums unless its in artists corner and is actual art not just porn.
  8. Really, eh? I'll be making rounds at the artist corner, now, too!
  9. pornhub.com (the best i've ever seen!)
    megaporn.com (the search engine in this place is shit but some interesting stuff)
  10. Redtube gets it done for sure. :D
  11. spankwire.com
  12. redtube does me right.
  13. frankstube.com marijuana + masterbating = :D
  14. pornhub is really where it's at. Nothing free compares.
  15. wait until you cats get the real deal... "Summers Here!!!!


  16. lol the plus signs in the wrong place
  17. pornhub for sure:p
  18. I dont know about all that, but im def reppin the 757 in VA
  19. thehun.net is always a good one too

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