i love to crowd surf!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. arg! this happens to me all the time! as soon as I gotta go, everyone comes around and posts fourhundred and twenty threads!!!! lol, OH well, its all good cause Im going to do some crowd surfing at the trump marina tonight! nonpoint and papa roach concert baby! weeeeeeeee! I cant wait! weeeeeeeeeeee! bye!
  2. Have a good time!!!!!
  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wanna see Papa Roach! A lot of people didn't like their first album, so they missed out on their second one, which was much better!
  4. what a good time! Ill tell you this much, Nonpoint fucking rocked.
    hempress, this is my second and a half time I saw paparoach...(half, caught the end of a set once at the anger management tour) they are decent. anything off infest, they can rock too. but coby is somewhat a dork when he starts talking. he loves to rock out, and he loves being up there, he really expresses himself with his actions, which is kickass, but when he starts talking, forget it...lol, its kind of annoying. Im not a big fan, but I *REALLY* just wanted and needed to rock the fuck out at a small venue show, so it was all good. I suggest seeing them..they new album isnt all theat great though, and I felt like I wanted a damn Pepsi when they opened with time and time.

    OH DOWNLOAD (if you havent heard it already) the hidden track TIGHTROPE. its by FAR the best thing theyve EVER recorded..

    the show all and all was aight...the venue sucked though, the ballroom and the Trump marina here is nice cause its smaller, but the crowd isnt really die hard ROCKOUT kickass music jump around and be wild fans. kind of there just to be there. which sucks. THEN signs EVERYWHERE NO crowd surfing, no rough stuff etc...what a bunch of tools. oh well, I still ROCKED THE FUCK OUTTA MYSELF!!!!! hahaha..good times :)

  5. I have to second on that...that song is FREAKING AMAZING!!!!

  6. awesome youve heard it!!! yeah, at first I didnt even think it was them! Im impressed!

    lol, I lost the people I was with, met my ex BOYfriend and his friends, lost them, met up with people I knew from school..gave security a whirl, all in all, gooooooood times..
    lol, did I say ex boyfriend?

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