I love thunderstorms

Discussion in 'General' started by CannabisMan, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I'm sorry if this is random, but I'm high and there's a thunderstorm and I love it. They are

    so relaxing and interesting. Anybody else love thunderstorms?
  2. hell yea!! its storming BAD where im at right now. hail, lightning, strong winds :hello:. im gunna go outside and enjoy a nice blunt on my front porch and wait for the pizza guy to get here.:hello::hello::smoking:
  3. I'm in the kansas area too... yes I'm lovin it
  4. I like them but unfortunately they dont happen very often around here
  5. I'm in South Florida and it's been raining like every day here, sometimes all-day, for the last 3 weeks. On some days, its nice, but everyday is a little much. It ruins alot of more shit than it helps.
  6. Ahhh your so lucky. I wish I had some more weed. I smoked my last bowl 30 min. ago :devious:. I

    would go out and smoke some right now if I had some
  7. Fuck I love thunderstorms and the rain. Take my name as an example.
  8. im afraid of thunderstorms :(:eek:
  9. i would have to say, i do actually really enjoy it when its storming outside.

    its just so exiting to sit and stare out my window at the sky exploding into millions of fragments of light every which way.
  10. Aw that sucks. They're so amazing

    This is how I feel
  11. i'll protect you from the storms..u can even hit the blunt and eat some pizza if u want.:wave::smoking:
  12. I love it when it rains, the harder the better, and thunderstorms are the best. I just sit on the front porch and relax.
  13. i always chill on my front porch when a nice thunderstorms goin. Wish we were havin one now so i could twist a blunt and relax. ahh that'd be nice
  14. some cool storms rippin through the midwest tonight. nothing relaxes me more :)
  15. I spent the first 18 years of my life in North Texas where some of the nastiest storms procure. It was awesome. More than once I could hang out on the porch, under our overhang and watch a tornado rip through a few miles away. Luckily, we always got missed except for an F2 which hit us pretty hard. But here in NW Indiana, the 'severe storms' are just regular showers. I was working at Blockbuster on Monday, the tornado sirens went off and people started freakin' out. But holy shit are the winters here bitter as fuck.
  16. The storm is gone :(
  17. Had one in Iowa earlier.
  18. yessss. !!!! it just started to thunder by my house.:D

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