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I love this movie!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Jackass.

    The best fucking movie that I ever saw!!!!
  2. Yeh, screw all the folk who think it's stupid :D

    Funny ass movie

    Can you believe Roger Ebert (idiot) actually bothered rating it??? He gave it 0.5/4 stars or somethin and pretty much DESCRIBED why it didn't deserve an oscar. Get a life Ebert! You have no sense of humour!
  3. Ive never seen it....Is it really that good?
    Well, hell....I never really saw the show on TV either...argh...*grumbles about not having cable*
  4. I liked the movie. The guy I watched it with hardly laughed and then complained about it...I laughed my ass off. I loved it when Bam(what a cutie) was trying to get his mother to say "FUCK!" and when dude had the car up his ass...that doctor cracked me up!
  5. hehe:

    "they had a frat party. they were having sex and doing drugs..."
  6. See, that just cracked me up!!!!
  7. my favorite thing is the shopping carts. i was rather dissapointed that they didnt have any in the movie:( I recorded the episode where they had that.:) has anyone ever tried that?
  8. i heard the movie had too many penis shots
    and the show is better... i personally like CKY over jackass
  9. i only noticed a couple very quick dickshots...nothing to be disgusted about

    to be honest, i worry about the vomit and shit shots more than the dicks ;)
  10. Too many penis shots....... is their such a thing?????????

    Attached Files:

  11. My 8 yr old saw the previews for it and laughed. He has bugged me to go rent it for him. I am glad I read this thread so I can tell his mother what is in the movie before she rents it.

    I don't think its coming to our house now.

  12. ohh yes it is....thats what it is really made for...sheesh
  13. Its OK for any age as long as your not so fuckin retarded that you try to copy what they do:)
  14. BPP It is not for small children.. I would say anyone over 14 would be OK..

    I laughed so hard at most of it!!..

    The guy who kept getting in the shit was funny as hell!
  15. O man this movie was made for 14-18 year olds! So fucking funny... when they tied the bottle rocket to his dick... jesus christ man that musta hurt
  16. eh..I was watchin pornos when i was 12, im sure the rest of you guys were
    so i think its ok anywhere from 12-13 to 80 :p
  17. i would say no to anyone under 14 to see this movie ut im 18 and i laughed my dick off (it was a sad event)

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