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  1. About 40-50 minutes ago I was driving down the road and I saw this black man sitting on his trunk. He stops me and asked if I smoked weed and of course I say yes. He asks if I would smoke him out and me being in the extremely good mood I am said why not. He gets all excited and I tell him to follow me to the nearest park and we'll smoke a J. We get to the park I hop out my car and walk over to his and we go sit on a bench in the woods. I spark up the J and we start smoking. This guy looked about 20-25 years old but he was pretty chill. We just sitting there talking about random shit until the J was finally finished. He tells me to come with him and look in his trunk he has a surprise since I was so nice to smoke the J with him. We get to his trunk and he has 3 beautiful bongs in there and says you can have them all for $40. My face immediately was like :eek: So I bought them and here are pics of them. In the process of bogging out my living room so the second pic is kind of fuzzy from the smoke. Im extremely happy and it goes to show that there really are some nice people out there.:smoke::smoke:
    new bongs.jpg
    I've smoke out of all three of them and they all are are in perfect condition. :D

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  2. the tits. first spiders attack your house then u get all these bongs. which means........... THE NIGHT IS DARKEST JUST BEFORE THE DAWN, AND I PROMISE YOU THE DAWN IS COMING

  3. Would you mind wording that differently? Im pretty high and have no idea what your trying to say.:D
  4. ill translate that into stoner: "shit gets really bad right before it gets really good man, you know what i mean? first you had those brown bastard spiders and thats all bad, and now you have bongs, and thats great"
  5. Hahaha there are many others out there who would show their appreciation but this is an amazing thanks! Keep ripping those bongs and watch out for the spiders lol.

  6. I can seee clearlyyyyy nowwwwww... hahaha fuck man im too high :bongin:

  7. I laughed. but good story, hearing about nice people always makes me wanna be nicer.
  8. karma's a bitch bro, but she can be a good fuck sometimes as you've just found out.
  9. Awesome man, sounds like a really chill dude
  10. Typical crack head need there fix.
  11. That is pretty chill man, You're lucky :) Congrats.
    I REALLY like the first bong there, I'm normally not one for rasta colours..but that is beautiful. Especially since it's GonG
  12. The pieces are probably stolen. Congrats you just committed a felony called receiving stolen property.

  13. "Yes hello officer, someone stole my illegal marijuana bongs and sold them please arrest him.
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    I sense a stereotype just because the man is black.

  15. Yea now that I think about it they probably are, it's all good though, at least I got them cheap. :smoke:
  16. I bet they aren't stolen. This sounds like the guy was a stoner and hard up for bud. ONce he saw you where chill and not a cop, he offered to sell you used marijuana bongs (Which are considered paraphernalia as soon as you smoke pot in them). It is hard to sell a bong that is used.

    Maybe this guy lost his job and wanted to buy a little bud, somebody smoked him out and he decides to help a fellow stoner and himself out.

  17. LOL no it's not, I got my bong off of craigslist.
  18. So you bought drug paraphernalia on craigslist? Some of us need to be more discreet when buying things like this. I would never respond to a craigslist ad for a bong for sale, kinda sketchy.

    That being said I will buy weed from people at bars and if somebody offered a nice glass piece to me for cheap I might just buy it.

  19. That's a lot more sketchy then buying a bong off craigslist... I've had weed sent to me through Fed-Ex before, not too big of a deal.
  20. Good stuff!

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