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  1. Brothers and Sisters,

    I love you all. We are united by blood and shared destiny. In a few decades, we will all be dead. After us will come our children, ad then their children, and then their children, and so fourth for thousands of generations into the distant future. Our time here is limited. Why not leave a ripple of goodness for your posterity? Why not make the beauty of intelligent life the ability to create kindness and compassion for the universe? I have reflected upon myself, and I have discovered that I am not a man of compassion. I don't care if wars happen in distant countries, I don't care if famines strike distant countries, I don't care about the environment, or the treatment of animals or prisoners. I have been a self righteous, self centered, lazy ingrate. What legacy am I leaving my descents? Thus far a rather mediocre one. I resolve to reverse this. To delicate myself today to commit to sending a thousand ripples of joy and hope and compassion a thousand times every year of my existence. Life is for beauty! Life is for compassion! Life is for joy and happiness and prosperity.I renounce ignorant and hated and greed and all the ills cursed with. I love you all. Just live in peace and love each other like one and the same. Unity is beauty. Beauty is life.
  2. i wish i was this high....
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  3. that actually like really hit me when I was baked. man..
  4. love you too bro :cry:
  5. Spread positive vibes, great post man, I think more people should think this way and I hope you stick to your goals. You'll help a lot of people and not just physically or directly.

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  6. Awesome. You went more in-depth about your last thread. Glad to hear you're seemingly sticking with this idea, even if it's simply one positive thread a night.

    Now for a reality check: giving advice is easy, following it is not. Keep us updated on how you've changed to a positive man. Maybe the constant reminder of declaration will keep you on track. Maybe it will scare you from acknowledging it. Nobody knows the future, but I hope you work to make the one you envision a reality.
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