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I love the way that people look at you when you admit to smoking Marijuana!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I LUV Bud!, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. I went to my supplier and bought a 1/4 bag for the holiday but as I was leaving someone saw me with it that shouldn't
    so they asked me did I smoke it or was it for a friend, so I told them it was mine and they came up with all these questions about what it feels like and how often did I do it.
    I really found it strange that this person was so misinformed but so eager to listen and so I thought that was cool seeing as she didn't narc on me.
  2. That's cool that they had an open mind about it.

    My Step-Dad doesn't know a single thing about it (he thought my bong was for drinking beer). But when he tries to make me not do it he just knows he can't stop me....

    ... I said to him, "Until you find a good reason for me not to do this, I'm gonna carry on."
  3. Pfft! You should have seen the look on my daughter's face when I told her that my guy smokes weed. :rolleyes: She was like...Naaah *drops mouth open*

    I was like... yeah. She just couldn't believe it... she's was like... he just doesn't look like the type that would do that :O!

    Well he does, and she will have to live with it... I didn't tell her that of course, but it was time she knew... hell she thought my dad was too "good" to smoke weed.. the man used to snort KOKE! ...back in da daze.

    Better me telling her now than smelling the skunk and think he just smells musky ROFL


  4. your guy??
  5. are you your own grandma?

  6. My man.... and it was my dad who used to do all kinds of crap back in the days.

    My dude only does weed.

    My daughter is not at the screwing age, so no grandkids for me.
  7. DA.. i couldnt help but notice under your name it says 'a non-tok'n activist'

    im just curious if you even grow weed either
  8. i notived that she had non smoking actvist and maybe she should rewrite that cause its weird my guy?????????
  9. Where does it say non smoking activist?There are other meanings to the word token,other than puffing on a marijuana cigarette.I forgot what the hell the thread is about now.I wish I could scroll back up the page to see who said what,so I could properly respond to peoples posts.Oh well,fuckit.I`ll just ramble on aimlessly.I have a fish named mittens!She plays cards with me,but she only knows one game.One time at band camp....................................

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